LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — After seeing tweets like this from President Trump:

Pastor J. Edgar Boyd says the next four years will be:

“A season of prayer.”

Boyd is among those who says President Trump’s term will call for a lot of faith and, as the country has already seen: feet on the ground.

“Either we’ll stand up and secure and take our rights, or our rights will be stripped from us,” Boyd said.

As the campus kicked off Black History month, LMU’s Dr. Deanna Cooke, who grew up in Compton, says the city’s renaissance from the crime and violence, as she put it, the “crack era”’ was rooted in economic resources, not law enforcement.

The question is, what kind of history they’ll be looking back on four years from now if President Trump governs with a heavy hand of more policing?

“Historically, it’s not the suppression tactics, you keep, you keep adding more police, you keep adding more feds, you keep adding more and more suppression tactics, and crime was going up so what you gotta deal with is what the root cause of what these issues are,” Cooke said.

Concerns echoed by the university’s Director of Black Student Services.

“In the second debate he talked about what our country needed was law and order, and I think, while I can’t speak for all black people, I think that is pretty scary, given what’s gone on historically and more recently,” Dr. Nathan Sessoms said.

Students CBS2 spoke with are optimistic answers will come, if not from Trump himself, from those responding to him:

“It’ll be an interesting four years to say the least I think hopeful is the only way we can be and kind of rally as a country together, I guess we all have that one common cause to make the country better,” Jermaine Johnson said.


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