WESTCHESTER (CBSLA.com) – Billy Tompkins couldn’t believe it when he heard his Westchester restaurant was hit again with obscene graffiti over the weekend.

“Heartbreak, absolute heartbreak, this is my family business,” Tompkins said Monday.

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In the last three months, Tompkins Square Bar and Grill has been tagged twice with profanity, covering the entrance and their logo.

“We did the best we could over the weekend just to try to get as much of it off as we could,” Tompkins said.

Surveillance video early Saturday morning shows a man jumping onto a dumpster to spray paint the restaurant. In November, a similar-looking man was caught on video doing the same thing.

“Now we’re dealing with somebody who’s repeating, doing this over and over again,” Tompkins said.

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However, on Saturday, the man was not alone. Cameras also captured footage of two other people tagging the restaurant as well.

Longtime customers say they don’t see a lot of graffiti in the area and don’t know why Tompkins Bar and Grill would be targeted.

“I don’t like to see this and it’s been on the back wall where everyone can see it. It’s a very public area,” Sherri Muro said.

Tompkins says neither he nor his staff recognize the tagger. So far, he says it’s cost him at least $5,000 to repair the damage, a big expense for a small business.

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“I just hope it doesn’t happen again, I pray it doesn’t happen again,” Tompkins said.