ALHAMBRA (  —  One man was fatally wounded Friday evening in an officer-involved shooting in Alhambra.

No officers were injured.

Police were reportedly responding to a domestic violence call in the area of Palatine Drive and Main Street.

The incident occurred around 7:50 p.m., officials said.

Reports from the scene said one person was transported from the scene to a local hospital.

LA County Homicide Detectives are assisting in the investigation with Alhambra Police.

CBS2’s Jeff Nguyen reported from the scene where someone earlier had posted video of the shooting on Twitter.

You hear three shots at first with two officers firing. Then you hear another dozen shots.

The incident took place two doors down from Olivia Cardenas’ home.

“We heard just a bunch of gunshots. So close to our house,” said Cardenas.

She said this is very atypical of her neighborhood.

“Nothing like this at all, nothing, this is all new,” she said, “It’s crazy.”

Officials told Nguyen that a man and a woman called 011 to say their adult son was waving a gun around.

Police said the man shot at them as they arrived. They also said they found two guns on the man’s front lawn.




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