Actor Kills Himself On Facebook Live After Sexual Assault Arrest

NORTH HOLLYWOOD ( — An aspiring 33-year-old actor from Texas broadcast his suicide on Facebook Live earlier this week, just days after being arrested on suspicion of sexual assault.

Frederick Jay Bowdy told followers watching via live-stream that he was going to kill himself, prompting an out-of-state family member to call the Los Angeles Police Department about 5:30 a.m. Monday, police Sgt. Tiffany Ljubetic told the Los Angeles Times.

Police tried to reach Bowdy, who was in a car near Cumpston Street and Fulcher Avenue, but he killed himself before officers could make contact with him, she said.

Users on Facebook who viewed the video expressed shock and sadness, and some wondered if it was a hoax since Bowdy was an actor. The video was later removed by Facebook, according to the company.

The Los Angeles County coroner’s office was expected to rule on the cause of death this week, but Lt. Larry Dietz confirmed Bowdy’s death appeared to be a suicide.

Bowdy was arrested Thursday morning in Santa Clarita on suspicion of sexual assault. He was released Friday after posting $100,000 bail, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, but had not yet been charged with a crime.

(credit: IMDB)

Bowdy was a recent transplant to Southern California from Texas, where he had worked as a teacher and coach in the Fort Worth area. His stage name was Jay Bowdy, and his credits include TV shows “Prepper” and “Murder Book.”

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  1. Everyone wants their 5 minutes of fame that Facebook Live gives them. So sad.

    1. Carl Quick says:

      He was also a victim.
      It often happens like this, he was raped as child by family member or family friend, then grew up doing what he learned as normal behaviour to other children. He realizes there is a conflict with right and wrong, then kills himself. This story has to be older than prostitution.
      However, FACEBOOK should be held responsible for several crimes related to this.
      Facebook’s supposed creator said users are stupid mother f–kers.
      I certainly agree with him. It shouldn’t be used for anything other than posting comments againts the New World Odor. Since its now tax time, the appropriate post now would be tax related. Here is website of computer scientist that data mined tax code for Exempt income, and says most Americans don’t owe any income tax.
      WHAT IS TAXED d ot c om

      1. And exactly how do you know he was raped when he was a child? Oh I know…you’re just speculating without having any facts whatsoever to backup your claims.

      2. Bijou Bijou says:

        Are you some kind of idiot bleeding heart liberal or what? How the hell do you know his story?

  2. Darwin at work. No fix for crazy. Feel for his family, not him.

  3. FacebookLive seems to be nothing but a steady stream of misery. Think I’ll steer clear.

  4. Bill Kilgore says:

    Now if we could only get the remaining elite Hollywood liberals to follow suit, we’d be in good shape.

  5. By inspiring actor, you meant actual food server?

    1. Bijou Bijou says:

      He was a Teacher and Coach – that says it all! Damned Progresssssives at their best.

  6. Jimmy Zick says:

    Somebody saw birdman.

  7. Another gutter thug Obama voter who likes rape. This is typical of almost all Dimocrats, and certainly representative of the ‘black’ liberal who thinks that he’s the ruler of the free world, and that we should all bow down to the Liberal God Hussien Obama. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Now could we please get some more of the Hollyweird elites to off themselves, just do it in private so that we don’t have to hear about it from Obama’s sycophant’s in the press.

  8. The Progressive freakshow.

  9. An ACTOR gone! What on Earth will we do now?

  10. I’d say he felt GUILTY. The only question is “Are there any MORE VICTIMS”?

  11. It’s refreshing at least some people are successful at taking their own lives. Those that try and fail are stigmatized forever as someone who can’t even kill themselves.

  12. Ted Eisenman says:

    Yep, let’s go ahead and idolize the freak, just like the rest of the lefty freaks in Hollywood. My thought is, he cheated the “we the people” out of a conviction…I’m sure Al Sharpton will call him an Ambassador or something similar.

  13. Guido Jones says:

    I wonder if the family gets the $100,000 bail back

  14. Pf Mahan says:

    one less liberal voter, good riddance

  15. Jeff Hall says:

    Darn, saw the headline and I thought Liberal trash actors were finally killing themselves off….

  16. And not a word about the raped victim. That’s par for the course nowadays. Thanx media!

    1. Bijou Bijou says:

      The Liberal Media wants to down play the sicko perverted part because he was obviously a Liberal, being an Actor/Teacher/Coach…. Snowflake gone bad.

  17. Lib Serum says:

    “Genius” Zuckerface needs to devise a delay mechanism, or pull the plug.
    Not a censorship issue, a decency/respect issue.


  18. To be an actor is to have a mental illness in the first place. It is narcissistic, it is brutal to try and become a “star” when you know the odds are against you and it is pathetic that you want to make a living being someone else. Beneath the Hollywood surface of glitz and glamour is nothing but maggots.

  19. Steve Spears says:

    Why kill himself? As an actor in Hollywood, the sexual assault charge would have embellished his resumé.

  20. Mike Arvand says:

    apparently suicide on FB is the new 15mins of fame. Darwin appears to be winning once again.

  21. Russell Hunt says:

    And did you hear Sherri Pepperoni got kidnapped again, this time by eskimos.

  22. “aspiring actor” is code for “unemployed waiter”.

  23. George Brown says:

    The IMDb page contains what they call a “clue”.

  24. stansikorski says:

    He’s a gud boi now.

  25. Kevin Vaughn says:

    Hollywood actors committing suicide on Facebook??? Now that’s something I’d pay to see!!

  26. theotherhanddude says:

    Seems to seal the question,, He’s guilty.

  27. A very selfish and cowardly act !

  28. 20 bucks says no one cares

  29. $100,000 bail and no charges? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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