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Vacationing families, business travelers and adventure seekers should consider taking a trip to Guangzhou, China. While a visa is required to visit China under most circumstances, Americans can visit the city by applying for a 72-hour travel without visa exemption that exists for foreign nationals who are in transit between two different counties. That exemption allows families, working professionals and other travelers to have an unforgettable cultural experience in one of Southeast China’s oldest, largest and most enchanting cities.
Explore The Area’s Remarkable Architecture
Although Guangzhou was founded around 214 B.C., that fact isn’t readily apparent from some the city’s architecture. That’s because Guangzhou exists in a space where the monuments of the ancient world sit beside marvels of modern construction. Visitors can observe awe-inspiring landmarks like the 150-year-old Sacred Heart Cathedral, one of the oldest churches in China, and Zhenhai Tower, a historic 637-year-old structure that houses two millennia old cultural artifacts.
Travelers can also explore buildings outfitted with cutting edge technology like the Cubist Guangdong Museum of Art, a 9,600 square yard structure that is as beautifully crafted as the multitude of artworks it exhibits. Also, make sure to see the Guangzhou Opera House, a glass and granite neo-futurist wonder designed by Zaha Hadid that is China’s largest performing arts center.
Visit One Of The World’s Best Theme Parks
Fans of amusement parks owe it to themselves to visit Chimelong Theme Park, the largest attraction of its type in China. This sprawling wonderland features exhilarating delights such as a roller coaster with a 200 foot drop, a 2,000 acre safari park filled with more than 200 different animal species, the largest and most highly regarded waterpark in the country, a 4D movie theater, a crocodile farm that is home to more than 100,000 of the aquatic reptiles, and a dazzling circus that showcases world-renowned dancers, acrobats, clowns and animals performers.
Enjoy Some Local Delicacies
One the best ways to familiarize oneself with an exotic culture is to sample its cuisine. As a major trading hub since the Han dynasty, Guangzhou has developed a culinary scene that is unlike any other in the world. Patrons of Datong Restaurant can enjoy some delicious local favorites like its golden roasted suckling pig and scrumptious custard tarts. Tourists who are interested in a multi-faceted dining experience should try Tiger Prawn, which serves excellent Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese food. And those craving some delectable and authentic Italian food in the heart of China should visit Buongiorno.
See The World From A New Perspective
When dealing with everyday mundanities of life, it’s easy to forget just how staggeringly beautiful the world can be. That’s why it’s good to shake up our perspectives from time to time. One fantastic way to do that is to journey to the Cantor Tower. This 1,954-foot tall structure has the distinction of being the third-tallest tower on the planet and has an observation deck that offers visitors positively breathtaking views of the city. Visitors can also get a stellar panoramic view of the entire region by taking a cable car ride around the tower’s roof.
Shop In Grand Style
In addition to the above-listed attractions, Guangzhou has many world-class marketplaces. On the high end, there’s the 165,000 square-yard TaiKoo Hui complex, which is full of luxury retailers like Prada, Hermes and Dior. Alternately, there’s the Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street. Ensconced in the city’s thriving Liwan commercial district, Shangxiajiu features more than 200 different stores including international brands like Herring Shoes as well as a slew of homegrown companies. And for those who like to do a little snacking in between their browsing, it’s also home to some of the finest street food in the entire province.

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By Mario McKellop

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