Are you ready to place your assets in a trust? If you are planning for the future, the answer should be yes.
The first step is to realize that this is not an area that the typical citizen can do on his or her own. The job at hand requires the assistance of a tax lawyer – an IRS tax attorney who knows how to get the job done, and done right.
True Grit
To be sure you are setting out on the right path, hire a tax lawyer who is certified in your state to conduct estate planning. Referrals from those you trust will often also ensure that you pick the right candidate to work alongside you.
In preparation for setting up your trust, you’ll need to discern which kind of trust is right for you. Those seeking the easiest way to look after their estates often choose a living trust while others owning a more complex financial picture may want to go the testamentary route.
Money Transfer
The choice may be obvious, but not always. In either case, you and your tax lawyer will look at the big picture while planning for the end of your life when your assets will be transferred one way or another.
After you’re armed with a list of potential candidates, make it a point to meet each professional IRS tax attorney on that list. During those meetings, find out if you and the person you are considering would work well together.
Determine if this is the right expert, and if he or she is privy to malpractice and liability insurance. Make sure he or she is going to be able to be in your corner at all times when it comes to the delicate matter of estate planning.
A Matter of Choice
After you have decided which tax lawyer you want to be your guide to planning your trust, tell him or her the good news. At that point, determine the fee for this work, which must be in contract form. Also, determine if that IRS tax attorney’s license is in good stead before going forward.
After all this is said, done and signed on the dotted line, get to work. Doing so will do a lot for your future. When the time comes, your probate will be as free and as clear as is possible thanks in large part to the efforts of your trusty tax lawyer.
By Ellen Chadwick

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