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After thinking long and hard, you’ve decided to start a small business. How do you ensure the success of this fresh venture? To make certain you are headed in the right direction, make sure you wait to proceed until you have formulated a solid plan.
Where should you start? Start by making sure that a well-conceived plan is concocted with someone who has knowledge in this arena: A former IRS tax attorney.
Expert Advice
A former IRS tax attorney has the education and experience to make what could be a complicated process into a relatively simple one. Hiring such an expert will help in a plethora of ways, both in the legal arena and in the way of eliminating some mighty stress for the new business owner.
For starters, you and your newly appointed tax lawyer will be able to make decisions on hiring practices. You will be able to deal with picking new employees and you will also be able to deal with any problems that may arise after the hiring procedure is behind you, including any situations in which discrimination cases may arise.
Environmental Concerns
Your former IRS tax attorney will also be able to advise you on how to deal with environmental concerns. If your new business is in jeopardy of being in violation of any laws in this arena, then this expert can tell you what to do to avoid penalties that may arise as a result.
In addition, this professional can be invaluable when it comes to allocating for profits and losses after you form either a partnership or an LLC. This is an area that the typical small business owner is not well versed, and since most of it can be quite complicated, it is well worth the cost of hiring a tax lawyer to sort this out.
Preventing Missteps
With just these few examples in mind, you can see why hiring a tax lawyer is to your benefit. However, don’t feel you need to have a person of this stature on staff at all times. While he or she will be able to lead you in the right direction, for the most part you can take over after learning the letters of the law that pertain to your own venture.
With all that in mind, remember that consulting with a former IRS tax attorney may be the best first step you make as a small business owner. After all, it’s easier to avoid complications from the start rather than to deal with them in an emergency situation. Think about that as you put your fresh plan into action.
By Ellen Chadwick

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