LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com)   —  Congressman Ted W. Lieu announced Saturday that he was boycotting Donald Trump’s Inauguration.

He issued the following statement on his decision not to attend.

“I respect members of Congress who choose to attend the Inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump or choose not to, just as I respect members of Congress who attended or did not attend the two Inaugurations of President Barack Obama. I view this as a personal decision because no votes are being taken and no policies will be enacted at this ceremony. While I do not dispute that Trump won the Electoral College, I cannot normalize his behavior or the disparaging and un-American statements he has made.”

Lieu added, “Trump — who lost the popular vote — has made a series of racist, sexist and bigoted statements. In addition, he has attacked Gold Star parents, veterans such as John McCain and now civil rights icon John Lewis.”

The congressman also said he was disturbed by Trump’s denigrating the intelligence community and his continual statements of support regarding Vladimir Putin.

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Lieu also remains critical of the president-elects unwillingness to completely divest himself of all business interests.

“Trump can cure this Constitutional defect by divesting his holdings or putting them into a blind trust, but so far has been unwilling to do so,” Lieu said.

““I can only hope that Trump will govern differently than he has campaigned. For me, the personal decision not to attend the Inauguration is quite simple: Do I stand with Donald Trump, or do I stand with John Lewis? I am standing with John Lewis.”

In addition to Lewis, congress members who will boycott the Inauguration include Californian’s Barbara Lee, Jared Hoffman and Mark DeSaulnier. Others joining the boycott include Earl Blumenauer, Nydia Velazquez, Luis Gutierrez, Kathleen Clark and Raul Grijalva.

In all, 16 Congress people have said they will boycott at this writing.


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  1. All of the Democrat Reps from California are nothing but a bunch of sore losers and your embarrassing the state and your constitutes. Wake up California and see these bigoted elitists for who they really are. Ask yourselves, is this really who you want to represent you in Washington????

  2. Mark Anthony says:

    1/2 of USA voted for Trump. Clinton ignored those people, and now Lieu makes the same big mistake. I don’t think Lieu’s career is going anywhere.

  3. James Hallar says:

    I believe that our President will have many opportunities to lay some serious butthurt on these Dems over the next8 years.

  4. Randy Ran says:

    So, this chinese is boycotting Trump’s inauguration ?? Whats new ? Does he even have American citizenship ??

  5. I think all democrats should boycott. It was illegitimate election win by taking help from a hostile nation.
    Trump campaign was in sync with Putin in this treason some job!

  6. John Smith says:

    ‘WE ALREADY KNOW WHO DID THE HACKING. The DNC data analyst, Seth Rich, was shot multiple times, including the back, in Wash. DC on July 10, 2016. ———————
    NOT SO COINCIDENTALLY, WikiLeaks “has decided to issue a US $20k reward for information leading to conviction for the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich”. WikiLeaks Tweet, 8:58AM, 9 Aug 2016, (web search: Seth Rich: 5 fast facts). ————————–
    WHY does sunni muslim Ogayboy, the sunni muslim controlled DNC, and the sunni muslim controlled CIA blame Russia on their way out of power? 1- Keep your mind off the WikiLeaks reward on Seth Rich, because that means the hacking was an inside job. 2- The Russians helped Assad beat Ogayboy’s sunni muslim head chopper terrorists in Syria. (CIA Director is John Brennen. Brennen converted to sunni muslim when stationed in Saudi Arabia. THEN Ogayboy appointed him as CIA Director). ———————–
    Why did Europe and the Ogayboy democRAT regime want the Syrian revolution? ALL wars are about Power & Wealth. Gas and oil pipelines are planned from sunni Saudi Arabia for Europe to go over Syrian land. WHY? To replace Russian pipelines. WHY? Because of the “2009 Russia-Ukraine gas dispute” that disrupted European winter gas supplies from Russia. AND, because there was enormous $$$ involved going to the DNC regime leaders. ————–
    So, clearly Russia helped itself $$$-wise by helping Assad. The European winter gas is still coming from Russia. NOW, you know the truth. WHY is WikiLeaks still going after the democRATS AFTER the election? He wants revenge for his murdered informant.

  7. It’s no loss for traitorous democrats to stay away.

  8. I would like some of my federal tax money to come back to me for the terrible state California, New York, and Illinois is in. Oh yeah, I am from downstate Illinois, not Chicago.Don’t attend…

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