CITY OF INDUSTRY ( — A company in the City of Industry has recalled its boots because the tread leaves swastika imprints.

Conal International Trading Inc. makes and sells the Polar Fox boots that can be found on Amazon.

A Reddit user posted a picture of the swastika imprints side by side with a photo of the tread.

(credit: Reddit)

(credit: Reddit)

“There was an angle I didn’t get to see when ordering my new work boots,” the Reddit user wrote on his post, which was viewed more than two million times and racked up countless comments.

A manager at Conal told CBS2’s Rachel Kim on the phone that the tread was unintentional and the company was not aware of the questionable design.

“I mean it’s really strange to me that that would be completely unintentional,” one woman said.

“Because when you design them, if you look at it, it reminds of you something,” another woman said.

“I think it’s a lie because you test out everything on a shoe before you put it out. So I’m pretty sure they knew that there were swastikas,” a third woman said.

“If the company recognizes the mistake, and they’re recalling everything, and they had no knowledge of it all. I guess that’s all you can do really. But definitely not a good mistake to have happen for sure,” a man said.

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    1. Read the grammar. Its awful.. clearly a foreign company, who used GOOGLE translate. They don’t make shoes.. in business for 10 but have 30 years experience?? Yeah, they import all.. Good job local government buying not Made in America.

  1. Must be the new boots for Trump’s new Gestapo!

  2. Gary Pucci says:

    Clinton could use some commie boots.. Where are they?

  3. Monique Kohn says:

    It’s called World War II, but most countries in the far east were not involved and have no idea that their ancient symbol of luck and well-being has been abused by Hitler.

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