LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com/AP) — Congress certified Donald Trump’s presidential victory Friday over the objections of a handful of House Democrats, including Los Angeles-area Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

Waters and other House Democrats from at least 10 states objected to the votes, raising issues of voter suppression as well as American intelligence showing that Russia tried to influence the election in favor of Trump. In each case, their objections were denied because they didn’t have the support of any senators.

As the votes were announced for state after state, Democratic members of the House stood up to object. But in each case, no Democratic senator would join them, and Biden cut them off.

“There can be no debate,” Biden said repeatedly.

Under federal law, if at least one senator and one House member object to the vote from any state, the House and Senate will meet separately to debate the merits of the objection.

Toward the end of the count, Waters – who had campaigned for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign – pleaded for a senator to join her in objecting.

“Is there one United States senator who will join me in this letter of objection?” Waters said to boos from Republicans. None did.

As Waters began to speak, House Speaker Paul Ryan was seen seated behind Biden laughing at the overture.

After the vote, Biden told some of the House Democrats who tried to object why he had cut them off.

“Basically, it was the rules and we understand that,” said Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, who led the effort to object to Trump’s election.

Trump received 304 electoral votes, compared with the 227 won by his Democratic challenger, Hillary Clinton, according to the official vote tally.

Waters, a ranking member of the influential House Financial Services Committee, said in a TV interview earlier this week that she doesn’t plan on cooperating with the Trump administration.

“I have no intention of pretending everything is alright, that we’re going to work together,” she told MSNBC. “I’m going to fight him every inch of the way.”

When asked if she would reconsider if Trump invited her to the White House, Waters replied, “Oh no, I won’t go.”

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  1. Norman Wyatt says:

    Maxine Waters is a class-less, worthless, moron with a band of idiots for followers!!!

    1. Jim Mercer says:

      And you are a Russian apologist who wants to see the destruction of America. Comrade Trump is nothing more than a puppet of Putin’s.

      1. bcalvert9 says:

        Waters is a cry baby liberal that didn’t get her way so she is throwing a tantrum

      2. there is no solid proof russia did anything

    2. Maxine Waters is the best in congress . She was the only one to vote against theIraq war. She has more guts then those who attack her. She is a great American

      1. the only people who vote for a declaration of war is the senate.
        the house doesnt do it

  2. Al Aldecoa says:

    Maxine Waters the well known Black Racist is off her meds again. This woman is a disgrace to her office and has practiced identity politics for her entire political life. In short she is a political hack and and race hustler. She’ll be gone soon because her district has now turned Hispanic and they don’t like her.

  3. Paul Sell says:

    I saw there were 11 idiotic attempts to object without proper paperwork. 9 attempts were by black Reps. And “they” wonder why they’re laughed at for being “stoopid.” “They” may want to get used to being ignored.

  4. Gary Ferraro says:

    Bwawawawawa! Bwawawawawa! Bwawawawawa! = the 3 requirements to become a Whine-ocrat.

  5. just so we are aware not all congress persons are smart. some are just stupid

  6. Will Walace says:

    Wikileaks has released the names of the Russian operatives who influenced the U. S. presidential election! They are Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, Debbie Wasserman Shultz and Donna Brazile.

    1. Thank you for your astute comment.

  7. Another racist politician. The people felt the same way when Obama became President.

  8. Angela Rankl says:

    Well, this just PROVES that Black politicians in most cases are MORONS and MALCONTENTS on a grand scale!!! Waters is a no-class, crude loon and the Dim party would be well rid of her and her kind!!!

  9. Another joke from the democrats. The African American congresswomen that championed this are from 80% black and Hispanic districts. The two main ones have both been under scrutiny for improper spending and sketchy tax funded programs. I can’t imagine they are going to do anything but squawk and strut around for the next 4 years. Of course the federal funds poured into their districts will diminish and so will their effect !!!!

  10. Sky King says:

    I boo Maxine Toilet Waters every time they speak her name!

  11. Kevin Muti says:

    So much for some Legislator’s to abide by the Constitution. Shame on Maxine who is supposed to uphold the laws of the Constitution. Throw her out!

  12. Does anyone recall how Maxine Waters steered taxpayer ‘stimulus’ money to her husband’s bank? Oh, but that was ok because to call her out on it would have been racist. Sheila Jackson and Waters object to anything that involves a white person. They are definitely the ‘R’ word when it comes down to it.

  13. Jim Mercer says:

    Shame on Joe Bide and the rest f the democrats who didn’t have the courage to protest the proven illegality of Comrade Trump’s election by the Russian spy network. Every single US intelligence has shown that Russia’s leader Putin directed the hackers to do everything in their power to make sure Comrade Donald was elected. Comrade Trump may take the oath of office on the 20th, l never be my president.

    1. Nathan Burks says:

      Wrong..Only 3 agencies signed on to that report

  14. Sky King says:

    When is she going to clean up South Central LA? Her poor and older constituents in that area have be looking for help in protection from thugs and gangs ever since she has been in congress which is forever. She is pathetic.

  15. Nathan Burks says:

    Maxine waters is the 2nd dumbest primate on the planet..The dumbest is Shelia Jackson Lee…Both of them combined dont have the IQ of Chatter

  16. Lee Myszak says:

    Goes to show haw stupid voters are. This woman is the height of corruption, ignorance and racism but she is returned to Congress time after time. She has done nothing positive for her district and continues to spit forth her ignorance day after day. So much for trying to educate people.

  17. Brad Nelson says:

    Probably the most civil and decent thing Uncle Joe has ever done to bring order to the Constitutional EC procedure. To remove the insanity of the people who would cause a disturbance was the right thing to do. Liberals cannot win a fair election so they try illegal tactics with unsuspecting morons to do their dirty work. They always have, and always will.

  18. Ni Gel says:

    Hilarious. Goodbye loudmouth idiots.

  19. Some people are just sore losers…..It’s over ….accept it……

  20. This is why as a former life long democrat that i no longer claim to be democrat. I’m not republican but im no longer democrat after 30 plus years…….i don’t know what has taken over the democrats rather its one person or group that has drugged the party down to this level but as far as the country i pray they find their barrings and get back on track soon…this kid -like behavior has got to stop or they will lose even more governorships, congress seats or senate seats… Hey as a black woman im telling y’all to get it together!!!