Running a successful business depends on several factors, but at the heart of success are the employees who work for the organization. It is important to first define what type of work culture is desired through leadership styles. Decide if the business should have great flexibility or if the rules are to be more strict, such as with a dress code. These are the type of values that should be made clear to employees so they can properly uphold the standards set for the company.


Set standards

When evaluating members of the company, rather it be for performance raises or to measure a good fit, look at several areas that will make a difference as to how successful the business may become. Is the employee reliable? The employee should be on time and follow the guide put forth as determined by the owner. The employee should deliver quality, and be able to meet any deadlines that are assigned, while also being a great team member. As with any company, respecting policy is a must otherwise values are not being met.

Lead by example

Attitude towards employees is also key to a successfully run organization. The employee should be embracing positivity so clients will have a pleasant experience regardless of the type of business it is. Be sure that employees are focusing on the details that are provided and how they are expected to perform. Though values of the company are at the core of the business mission, cultural and personal differences may also play a role in performance. Those differences will have an impact on how the company’s values are accepted. Cost saving programs can be a fine line as to how well the employee’s performance is. Whatever values are set for the business, employees working for it should be adhering to the vision created which in turn creates the culture of the workplace and its clients. Of course, owners should be setting the example to be followed.

Keep it positive

When workplace values are upheld and team members understand each other, workflow becomes less restrictive. Values should be clear so there is no miscommunication or errors on the employee’s part. It can be a challenge to mold the attitudes and personalities, but working to be clear on what the company stands for will pay off with successful employees. A positive work environment can go a long way. One way to promote and enforce values in the workplace is to create incentives that entice and excite the worker. Special raises to praise the work done will make the employee feel as if they’re valued. Invest in the employees and in turn, they will invest in the business.


This article was written by Chase Hunt for CBS Small Business Pulse.


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