EAGLE ROCK (CBSLA.com) –Eagle Rock business owners are concerned after a string of break-ins.

At least five small businesses along Colorado Boulevard were hit by burglars over a period of a week and a half, Los Angeles police told CBS2 Wednesday. Detectives say the burglaries have a similar modus operandi.

Betty Hernandez Tupta said burglars broke into her chiropractic and wellness office “Back Benders” on the night of New Year’s Eve. The thieves came in through a shared bathroom door and ransacked the office. They took $3,000 worth of items.

“Electronics like iPads, iPods, docking systems,” Tupta said. “They took the checkbooks, the cash money.”

“Well, it’s definitely a violation; it was hard for me to sleep that night because it is an extension of my own home,” Tupta added.

A burglar also broke into the Little Beast Restaurant at 5 a.m. Dec. 30. They came in through a back door. The break-in was caught on surveillance video. The suspect left without stealing anything, however.

Camilo’s Bistro was hit by burglars on Christmas night. The suspects came in through a back door and swiped electronics, business checks, a cash box and alcohol. They apparently ate some food, smoked pot and left behind a huge mess.

Anyone with information on the string of burglaries should contact the LAPD.


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