LOS ANGELES  (CBSLA.com)  —   Three Orange County teens are safe after their boat capsized off the Florida Keys Tuesday.

Officials said the teens kept their cool throughout the entire ordeal.

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CBS2’s Cristy Fajardo spoke to the trio via Face Time.

They started by calling a 911 dispatcher who asked, ‘What’s your emergency?’

One of them replied, “Uh, we, we’re in the middle of the ocean. We flipped a boat.”

The dispatcher then asked them if they had life jackets and was told they were underneath the boat.

That cellphone call came from about two miles off the Florida Keys.

The three teens, all residents of Yorba Linda,  were found  huddled on the pointy end of a sinking boat.

All they had left was a cellphone with one bar of a signal left. They were surrounded by water, no other boats around.

But Fajardo reports, not even these conditions could rattle Brent Shishido and brothers Jacob and Zachary Sowder for long

“I think when we saw the water coming in we all kind of panicked a little, but we kind of suppressed it though”, said Shishido.

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The trio say they are avid fisherman and grew up on the water. So when they set out yesterday they said they remained mindful of their location.

“We started taking on water and we knew we had to get out of there,” said Shishido. “We’re about to capsize. So I grabbed my cellphone and we all jumped out. And we all just hopped on the capsized boat.

Two of their cellphones went down with the ship but they managed to keep Shishido’s dry.

They waited 45 minutes for help to arrive.

The teens kept the mood light. Shishido even jokes about eating one of the brothers if it came to it.

The Monroe County Sheriffs Department  says the trio did everything right.

Right when they got picked up, Shishido’s phone died.

The teen’s said they can’t thank their rescuer’s enough. They say they’ve learned staying calm pays off.

Another lesson? Waterproof cases for their cellphones.

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