NORWALK (AP) — A Southern California man has been sentenced to life in prison without parole for hiring a hit man to kill his 17-year-old wife 25 years ago.

Morrad Ghonim, 43, received the sentence Monday, four weeks after he was convicted of arranging the death of teenage wife, Victoria, in 1992.

She was shot to death while sitting in a car with her husband and 6-month-old son in a La Mirada park.

Ghonim reported the killing as a botched robbery.

The case languished for two decades until 2009, when DNA linked the hit man Leon Martinez to the killing.

Martinez was convicted in 2015 of first-degree murder and testified at Ghonim’s trial that he was paid $5,000 to kill the 17-year-old. Ghonim was arrested last year while living in Antigua.

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