COMPTON ( — Marisol Rodriguez said she does not mind being called a geek. In fact, she considered it a compliment.

“It makes me happy because I get to be recognized as something,” said the 10-year-old.

At Mayo Elementary in Compton, she is among five students who are so good with computers, they have been providing fellow students and even teachers with tech support.

So it was only appropriate to come up with a name for the five young techies.

“The name of our group is Teknolo Kids, and whenever I hear the name I just feel really important,” Rodriguez said.

Their teacher said it started in her classroom when she came to rely on the junior tech wizzes for help with computers.

Soon word got out, and other teachers began asking them for help with their students.

“So the teacher has, instead of now just having just their two hands, they have 12 hands,” said teacher Dana Mohn.

Their principal said education isn’t just about reading and writing. The greater lesson is how to be a leader.

“We know our kids have a vital piece of the character that they’re going to need in order to be really really strong contributors to the communities.” Mayo Elementary School Principal Fleming Robinson said.

For now, the group only has girls. The plan is to add boys and help students embrace math and science.

“I want to work with Google, first of all, because the company is awesome, and then I can learn so much more. Then I can probably make my own stuff too,” Marisol Rodriguez.

Until then, Rodriguez and her four techie friends are already making a mark.


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