ANAHEIM ( — It was a startling moment for an Anaheim community that had neighbors running outside around 2 a.m. Saturday

Amanda Alvarez was one of the first to see a car on fire and several more damaged and wondered what exactly happened.

“I walked a few feet down to see all the mangled cars in the parking lot and one of them was mine,” Alvarez said.

Investigators say the mangled piece of metal was once a 2003 Infiniti and it was carrying three people when it crashed two of them died. Police say the driver of this car was street racing, going 80 to 100 miles an hour on Ball Road. The other car, a red sports car, kept going.

“It’s a tragic event, a horrific crash and the important thing is it is 100 percent preventable,” Anaheim Police Sgt. Daron Wyatt said.

Investigators believe the speeding car hit a curb, four parked vehicles and then slammed into the wall all before bursting in to flames.

“They could have been just cruising along and they’ve got two muscle cars and decide to engage in this type pf behavior,” Wyatt Said.

The 19-year-old driver and another man in the back seat didn’t survive, a 24 year old front seat passenger suffered second degree burns.

“It’s tragic we have any loss of life but its fortunate it’s only from that vehicle,” Wyatt said.

Neighbors say street racing is a huge problem in the area. As for the second speeding car police are hoping someone comes forward and neighbors hope this crash serves as a lesson discouraging speeders and preventing another senseless death.




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  1. How rude of us “regular” drivers to be on the street while future race drivers practice their racing skills.

  2. John Boyle says:

    WHY ????
    Why is it with the number of deaths caused by illegal Street Racing on the rise the car manufactures are producing TV commercials that promote unsafe driving and speeding?
    (A)Nissan commercial has a father with his son in the car racing through city streets trying to beat the School bus to the school.
    (B)Audi has a car speeding with tires squealing and going sideways past people in his neighborhood so he can pull into his driveway and plug his car into an electrical outlet for charging.
    (C)Dodge has the two Dodge Brothers racing against each other at high rates of speed in different model cars and then playing chicken with another car.
    (D)Toyota has a stolen Prius being used by a group of bank robbers to outrun the Police through the city while being cheered on by groups of onlookers.
    (E)Jaguar has a new commercial where Michelle Rodriguez( Fast and Furious star) is put behind the wheel and she pushes the pedal to the metal hitting a top speed of 201MPH.
    This is only a few of the commercials out there in TV Land promoting unsafe driving. Turn on your TV and you’ll see cars sliding into parking spaces sideways, cars going around in circles with their tires smokin’ and cars crisscrossing each other at high rates of speed.
    My point is that as impressionable as viewers are, do these commercials help to promote the unsafe driving that is happening on our city streets that have killed not only the particapants but also many innocent victims.
    Maybe it’s time that the car manufactures take a second look at what they are promoting and what they are putting out there on the streets for people to buy and drive. Really a 201MPH Jaguar do we really need it and where in the hell would you drive it legally.
    Below are YouTube links for these commercials;
    John Boyle

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