VENTURA (CBSLA.c0m)   Police in Ventura are looking for a Grinch who stole from a pre-school a few weeks before Christmas.

Lydia Fedorak, the owner of the Little Tree Pre-school in Ventura is in shock that someone would steal from kids.

“It’s sad, I’m kind of in disbelief, who would steal from a preschool?,” Fedorak said to KCAL9’s Rachel Kim.

It is a story Only On 9.

The thief was caught on surveillance video.

The owners of the pre-school are hoping someone will recognize the suspect. He was caught on camera walking away with arm loads of toys and other items from the school over the weekend.

“This violates our safety, this violates our security,” said Fedorak

The surveillance video shows the suspect coming down the side entrance then going into the storage area. He looks around — using  a flashlight —  and pulls out containers to see what’s inside. He takes what he can carry and heads back out to the street to drop the items off nearby.

He took toys and things used in teaching some of the school’s 65 students (ages 2-5), some who have special needs.

The thief ended up taking everything from the aforementioned toys to keyboards, monitors, lights, extension cords and their power broom which they use to maintain their outdoor turf.

All together, the school says the thief took about $1500 worth of their things.

“Do you really need those items? You took a lot of these things way that symbolize something that we’re trying to build here and provide for our students,” Fedorak asked.

The owners say the theft cuts into their curriculum fee.

“Hopefully, whatever he’s missing in his life he can get somewhere else, not from our students,” Fedorak said.

If you recognize the man, you’re asked to call Ventura Police.


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