GRANADA HILLS ( —  A mini mansion in a quiet, upscale Granada Hills neighborhood was a scene of chaos back in August after rapper Kid Cali was shot and killed at a house party.

“At this house party, the proprietors of the house were charging between $20 and $50 to attend,” LAPD Capt. Brian Pratt said. “Alcohol was provided to the patrons.”

Two other party goers were also shot the night Kid Cali was murdered

On Tuesday police announced that they’ve charged the owner of the home with one count of misdemeanor illegal land use.  Investigators say the homeowner was paid by a party promoter to rent out his house for the night.  The promoter then bused people in and sold them everything from booze to cologne.

“We saw big black vans driving up and people being unloaded.”

A neighbor who didn’t want to be identified lives on called police the evening of the party which was advertised on social media.

“As the night progressed, more people kept showing up, and I went out on my balcony around 9 p.m. and then I saw all the cars dispersing and running out.  I didn’t hear the shots, but they were leaving like it was the end of the earth.”

She says she is relieved the LAPD is cracking down on so-called party houses in the hills above the San Fernando Valley. Police say parties for profit often lead to excessive alcohol and drug use and violence.

“It scares us and devalues our property and taints us,” the neighbor said.

The owners of the 6000 square foot home weren’t home when CBSLA’s Kristine Lazar stopped by knocked.  A woman who answered the door says she is house sitting, but didn’t know about any charges against the homeowner. Neighbors say it’s been quiet since the night of the deadly party.

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