LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — A protest at Los Angeles International Airport concluded peacefully Tuesday, the second of two local demonstrations that were part of a national wave of rallies and marches by fast-food, home-care, child-care and other workers in support of a $15-per-hour wage and worker’s rights.

Shortly before noon, two groups of demonstrators gathered on the Upper Level at LAX, with one group on the north side and the other group on the south side, marching toward the Tom Bradley International Terminal, according to an
LAX statement.

Airport officials said neither flight operations nor Central Terminal Area traffic were affected as the protesters observed signal lights and crossed streets in groups.

Several arrests were made earlier Tuesday after protestors rallying for a national $15 minimum wage blocked the intersection of Seventh and Alameda streets in downtown Los Angeles.

Police stood by as the peaceful demonstrators formed a circle in the street while hoisting signs saying “the whole world is watching” and “Fight for $15.” Forty people were arrested for blocking the intersection.

Fast-food, home-care, child-care and other workers also rallied in cities including Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Minneapolis and New York. Protestors were also arrested in those cities for blocking intersections.

Organizers, including the Service Employees International Union, said the demonstrations are a response to the recent election of politicians “who threaten an extremist agenda to move the country to the right.”

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  1. NOT TO WORRY: Broke Obunglur in moving to California and will replace your Brown Governor, He just this morning was overheard singing….’CALIFORNIA HERE I COME’

  2. There are few actions more inherently reckless than tampering with ebb & flow of money in a free market society.

    Believing we can improve on the status quo by squeezing small businesses – which 76% of all businesses are – is indication of mental illness.

    A friend of mine is one the highest ranking people in the In & Out corporation. When I asked him what In & Out – a very, very successful company which hires thousands of people – would do, if forced into a $15 starting wage, this is exactly what he said:

    “We already have a plan in place, and every other smart business also has a plan. Ours goes like this: In & Out hamburgers will cost $10.00, and each restaurant will lay off 30% of it’s staff. All but the most senior employees will be put on part-time schedules. That’s how you make up a forced financial loss.”

    It ain’t rocket science.

  3. The utter stupidity of liberals is like a long running sit-com. Without the canned laughter.

  4. This is a democratically controlled State. The Legislative and Judicial Branches as well as all wings of state government is absolutely dominated by Democrats….this is what happens when you live in a Dem state.
    Perhaps now its time to take a look at how our state is being governed and consider a political party whom cares for giving wealth to all? And providing jobs for all?

    Say what you want about my post, you simply can’t knock conservatism until you try it….

  5. Erik Eriksen says:

    Beckwith… a politacal party who cares for GIVING WEALTH TO ALL and PROVIDING JOBS FOR ALL ?

    Where does all that “wealth come from? who provides all these jobs?

    it sounds like you’ve been listening to lenin, fidel, marx, che and mao…

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