By Pat Harvey

LOS ANGELES ( —  She was born a boy in the body of a girl.

A refugee fled to the United States to change her gender to male.

But should that mean abandoning the idea of having a baby someday? CBS2’s Pat Harvey reports.

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  1. Trump cannot be President soon enough. This is just sick.

  2. Tom Lenz says:

    So, I assume she/he is paying for this through her/his company sponsored health plan? /sarcasm

    Folks, this is your taxpayer dollars at work in the Obama era.

  3. sgtted says:

    I don’t know any dudes that have eggs. Just sayin.

  4. No, You CHOSE to be a man now act like it.

  5. Anyway you look at it, it’s so wrong and violates nature.

  6. Jim Morrison says:

    Will they be Anchor Baby eggs?

  7. DaFox45 says:

    By the way, transgender people are heterosexual too … they should have said cisgender couples, not heterosexual couples. We aren’t ALL GAY! SMH

    1. DaFox45 says:

      And, for all you transphobic people commenting in this article, I could care less what you think … NOT AT ALL … so, don’t even look my way, let alone make your ignorant comments to what I said. You can all kick rocks, you judgmental idiots!

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