TEMECULA (CBSLA.com) —  The plastic bag ban is in full effect in California. But many shoppers are not happy about having to pay for Prop. 67, which requires all stores to charge at least 10 cents for each paper or plastic bag.

One shopper was seen loading her grocery items one by one into the trunk of her SUV outside a Vons in Temecula Wednesday night because she refused to pay 10 cents for a grocery bag.

Prop. 67 went into effect immediately after being approved by 52 percent of statewide voters on Nov. 8.

“Because they are just ripoff. I don’t want to pay for a plastic bag,” one man declared.

“Ten cents a little too much for me,” another man said.

Some stores are charging 10 cents for a paper bag, 15 cents for a reusable plastic bag.

Shoppers shared their two cents. “Bags should be free. I recycled them. Why should we have to pay for it?” a third man said.

A grocery store employee, who asked to stay anonymous, said shoppers were taking their anger out on her. “It involves lot of cussing. They’re not taking it very well,” she added.

But some shoppers are okay with going green. Gabby Custode bought reusable bags online the day after the law passed.

“We would use so many plastic bags. And now, we have one, two, three, four of these bags for everything we had,” Custode said.

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  1. Mark Farris says:

    CA is such a fruity state glad I’m long gone.

  2. David Ferris says:

    Typical Sacramento Dems. Create a crisis that doesn’t exist, then create a solution to the problem that doesn’t exist that makes life more difficult and more expensive for all the hard working men and women and families in California. I refuse to participate in this latest tax scam!

  3. The city of LA has been doing this for years. Just took the rest of the county and the state to step up to the plate. Usually, when a proposition takes effect it usually starts in January after the election, but it started a couple days after the election. People voted for this so. Just remember to keep reuseable bags in your car then you don’t have to worry about paying 10 cents for either a plastic or paper bag

    1. They’ve been doing it here in the E. Valley (Eastern Riverside County desert) for about a year too.
      The elderly are who I’ve been hearing it from the most. How hard it is to use the paper bags they have for .10, they don’t even have handles.
      My problem is I’ll keep them in the trunk and fill them, bring them in to unload groceries and forget to put them back in. I have at least 30 reusable cloth bags.

  4. I live in North San Diego, not far from Temecula. This news story surprises me, and I believe it is very exaggerated. By some, I would wager that it’s more like a couple of people out of like… 100 shoppers who might have had problem with it. I moved to California 2 years ago, and I noticed that most people already brought in their own bags when shopping, long before there was a law banning one time use grocery bags. There is one grocery store that would actually give you a discount based on the number of reusable bags you brought in, whether you used all of them or not. It may seem like a big adjustment to many shoppers across America, but to California, it’s really just part of the normal shopping routine.

  5. We voted for this.
    Stop your damn complaining, and start getting a grip that plastics, and other petroleum based products are ruing the PLANET!
    Everything made with plastics, can be made with hemp, with the destruction of the environment.
    GROW UP and be aware of YOUR carbon footprint, humans.

    1. Have you replaced all plastic components in all your mobile devices with hemp? What about all the plastics in any vehicles you may own? Does your computer have a hemp keyboard?

  6. I left California last year after being born and raised there. It’s awesome living in a red state. Nonsense like plastic bags and ammo don’t even make to the legislative floor.

  7. I love the we voted for this…………..bout time California accepts, we voted for Trump………so grow up

    1. That’s right. One million MORE American people voted for Hillary, than for Trump.
      Better remember that FACTS have a liberal bias.

  8. Carol Gibbs says:

    Reusable bags have to be kept very clean – washed regularly . . . so let’s wash them in the water the state doesn’t have.

  9. Carol Gibbs says:

    Did people realize they were going to be paying this TAX right RIGHT OUT OF THEIR POCKET each tim’se they needed a bag? Glad I’m out of California where the loons live. (I like loons, they’re my state bird, but they’re not the voting public).

  10. Robert Kolbe says:

    We’ve been doing it for years in SF. People adjust. I usually will by paper bags and then us them for compost. People adjust over time. It really does reduce the plastic bags. SF used to have them floating all around the city. No longer.

  11. sandbar1 says:

    I voted against this since people on Food Stamps/EBT will not be able to afford a bag. And guess what? Food stamps do not pay for toilet paper or diapers. According to CA Law, if you buy food with your EBT benefits you will NOT be charged for the bags. But if you are on Food stamps/Cal Fresh/ EBT and you buy anything with CASH (or your debit card) or with your CASH from your EBT card, then you WILL BE charged 10 cents per bag. So let’s say you only get $16 in EBT each month like me. But let’s say it’s the 25th of the month and you already used up all of that $16 in EBT on the 9th. So the 9th you go in and you are not charged the 10 cents per bag since you showed the checker your card and paid for your food with your EBT card. But now the 25th of the month, you need something else, a can a soup and toilet paper. You pull out your debit card. You tell the checker that you are on food stamps and EBT. It don’t matter! Since you paid with your debit card or cash or credit card or with your CASH on your EBT, then you will be charged 10 cents per bag. The way I look at it is like this: I have a part-time job that pays me a LOT more than what I was making when I was unemployed and not getting any unemployment. I was unemployed for 7 long years from 2008 to 2014. I made only $200 a month for about 1 year in 2013. The other years from 2011 to 2014 I made less than $100 a month. Now I make way more than that due to working 22 hours a week. So if I forget my own plastic bags that I reuse (I’ve been using them for trash bags for 2 years) and If I forget to put 8 bags into the car before I leave for the store- then it is my own fault!! It’s my own fault. Do I think the bag charge will go to the “Environment”? No. I know full well that the 10 cents per bag will go to the store’s revenue.. So guess what I do? I don’t buy any plastic bags when I forget to bring my own. BYOB. BYOB. Bring your own BAG! And I also don’t compalin! I’m grateful for my job and if I made just $70 more a month, I wouldn’t even get the $16 a month in EBT. So bring your own bag and remember – you could be unemployed for 7 years like me and trying your best to make $200 a month. If you make $1,200 a month gross, be thankful you have that cuz you never know when it may be gone. I don’t blame anyone for not buying a bag. Just do it. And don’t complain about it. At least you have money to buy an entire basket of food that costs $350. I never buy an entire cart of food at one time, but if you got the money do not complain about the bag charge. .

    1. You don’t pay for bags when you use food stamps. They’re given to you free.

      1. I’m sorry, I just reread what you wrote. There was also a prop that said whether the .10 would go to the store or to the govt. Not sure which passed.

  12. It’s all about control. You can still get plastic bags so it was never about plastic bags being bad for the environment. I really think people thought it was a vote to not ban bags. Look how its worded..”The California Plastic Bag Ban Veto Referendum”. People thought it was a veto on the Bag Ban.. This is completely stupid. If you want to take your own bags go for it. If a store wants to charge for or not have bags that’s fine also. We didn’t need a stupid law taking away another choice we make..

  13. Eric Chaves says:

    I used to live in LA. The problem is, it only affects grocery stores. I could have walked next door to a restaurant and gotten a plastic bag

  14. Reusable bags can harbor bacteria. A study by the University of Arizona found that 50 percent of all reusable bags contained food-borne bacteria like salmonella, and 12 percent contained E. coli, indicating the presence of fecal matter and other pathogens.

    I have intend to author a Proposition to REPEAL this law based upon Public Safety concerns. Anyone interested in helping me please contact me.

    1. Not to mention, those disabled on SSI don’t GET food stamps or an EBT card….we get our checks in paper or auto deposited to our bank…all 889.40 of it a month. What do we get for food? An amount per person that is smaller than what those with an EBT card get. It’s not like we can afford the bags. That and I have a disability that causes me sometimes severe memory problems…I have to TRY to remember the bags if I am going to the store…and I know at least half the time I wont remember….this sucks the big you know what…

  15. One MORE reason California is in the toilet. Illegals, huge taxes, onerous idiotic government and horrendous pension crisis coming. You could NOT PAY ME to live there.

    1. You couldn’t pay us to have you.
      W have the 6th best economy in the world, absolutely the best weather, kind people… mostly, ocean from one end to the other, cutting edge technology, just to name a few of the attributes that put Cali as a GREAT STATE!

  16. When the cashier announce the total ask if you were charged for the bag(s). If the response is yes, state that you no longer want the merchandise and leave. If enough people do this often enough the businesses will get the law/regulation repealed.

  17. If people would like to ban plastic bag, recycle or not, the retailer should not sells any plastic bags at all. If you are going to sell youre so call recycle bags, then why not just give it to your customers who bought your merchandise. Limit your free bags to 1 to 2 bags per customers. If the customers wants some more bags, then it’s time to sale it.

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