SAN CLEMENTE ( —  Investigators were digging Monday in a landfill in Littleton, Colo., for a missing Orange County woman’s belongings or her remains.

Charlene Voight was reported missing early July when her family could not reach her. Since then, police found her abandoned car on the property of her ex-boyfriend, who owns a trash bin business.

Her father, Jim Voight, blamed her ex-boyfriend. But police are not calling Jeff Beier a suspect at this time.

“We actually suspected that’s where the murderer would put her,” Voight said. “I want justice. I want him to go to jail for the rest of his life.”

The 36-year-old San Clemente native lived with Beier there in 2012.

Voight said Beier beat her daughter so badly he had to take her to a hospital twice.

Charlene even filed a restraining order against him before the couple broke up.

Last year, in spite of her family’s objections, she moved to Littleton to live with him.

Voight said his daughter was not the first woman Beier abused.

“I sure hope they get this guy. It’s a shame. He’s from around this area,” Voight said.