LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Thousands of people protested the election of Donald Trump for president of the United States in downtown Los Angeles Wednesday night with a demonstration that quickly grew chaotic and dangerous.

What started as a somewhat disorganized but peaceful assembly seemed to get fragmented and out of control just before 10 p.m.  Protesters took to the 110 Freeway and disrupted traffic around downtown and eventually shut down the 101 Freeway. CBS2’s Stu Mundel was in Sky 2 and Tom Wait reported on the ground.

Los Angeles police moved in with riot gear and with help from the CHP tried to form a perimeter as the situation grew more unruly. Around 11 p.m officers started taking people into custody and arrested at least 13, the LAPD said.

Police eventually seemed to have the situation under control until the crowd ignited and dispersed onto the freeway again around 11:15 p.m.

After midnight, police seemed to get command again and protesters started to retreat.

The protest started at around 7:30 p.m. and may have been organized on Facebook.

Mundel was in Sky 9 earlier above the protest that appeared to be disorganized and had no specific start and end point. Crowds in large numbers marched on Main Street approaching Temple, while a large crowd also gathered at the front of City Hall. The Los Angeles police monitored the situation.

An effigy of Donald Trump was burning at one point but was put out quickly.



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  1. Mike Fadely says:

    funny i felt like protesting when obama was elected but it is a TOTAL waste of effort

  2. Ricky Reed says:

    We saw this coming – This post even called it way back in June! “10 Reasons why Donald Trump will Win the Election” http://bit.ly/2boXbD9

  3. What good do they think this will do? These people are obviously immature and don’t have any responsibilities. I don’t feel like we have had a president for 8 years, just, a professional traveler and golfer in the White House. Now we will have someone who requires little sleep and will work hard for this country to create jobs and make it secure. If Hillary had won, nothing would get done.

  4. One word – IDIOTS!!!! You guys look like pathetic sheep on the freeway. The majority of the protesters appear to be youngsters who have no understanding of politics and probably the types we are trying to keep out of the US. And seriously, you have the GALL to wave the Mexican flag in the US. I’m half British and if I waved the French flag in London I would get beat up. It’s complete disrespect. I would never consider going to Mexico to wave the stars and stripes. If you don’t like it here go right back to where you came from. Simple as that yeah.

  5. LQ Jones says:

    The democratic process ran its course, your candidate lost. To protest, riot, etc means you don’t respect the process. You only want what you want. That doesn’t work in America.
    “you’re just going to have to deal…”

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