LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — A gun and ammunition control initiative will become the law of the land in California, thanks to voters’ approval.

Proposition 63 will require most individuals to pass background checks and obtain Department of Justice authorization to purchase ammunition.

The measure will also prohibit the possession of large-capacity magazines.

Prop. 63 will require the following:

— Most ammunition sales to be made through licensed ammunition vendors and reported to the Department of Justice

— Lost or stolen firearms and ammunition will need to be reported to law enforcement

— Those convicted of stealing a firearm will be prohibited from possessing firearms

— Procedures will be established for laws prohibiting firearm possession by felons and violent criminals

— The Department of Justice will need to provide information about prohibited people to the federal National Instant Criminal Background Check System

Passage of the initiative will result in increased state costs in the tens of millions of dollars annually related to regulating ammunition sales, according to an analysis conducted by the Legislative Analyst’s Office and Department of Finance.

There will also be an increase in court and law enforcement costs, not likely to exceed the tens of millions of dollars annually.

These costs could be offset to some extent by fees authorized by the measure.

There will also be a potential increase in state and local correctional costs, not likely to exceed the low millions of dollars annually, related to new and increased penalties.

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  1. Todd Vosper says:

    Of course, in CA you can’t buy or sell a firearm without going through a dealer and background check already, so nothing new. And felons are already barred from having firearms or ammunition, so the ammunition check only affects law-abiding citizens who are going to a dealer to purchase – and it’s pretty much unenforceable unless CA hires enough law enforcement personnel to check every suitcase at every airport and every car coming across the state line. As for magazines, there are millions already in CA. No one turned their magazines in when LA passed a similar ban. Will bad guys decide this law is different? Sorry folks – this is going to cost taxpayers millions and turn otherwise law-abiding neighbors into criminals, with zero impact on public safety.

  2. When is congress and a real president going to finally say what the 2nd amendment says is very clear that shall not infringe means what it says other words government get the hell out of their way!

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