NORTH HOLLYWOOD ( — Hundreds of voters lined up Sunday morning outside of a voting center in North Hollywood on the final day of early voting at most locations.

The polls opened at 8 a.m. at the North Hollywood Regional Library on Tujunga Avenue.

“I’m really impressed that people are willing to get up this early to come out and vote,” said one voter. “For a lot of reasons, people might not make it on Tuesday and I think this will be the highest turnout we’ve ever seen.”

The centerwaswas one of five locations in Los Angeles County that was  open Sunday through 4 p.m.

CBS2’s Joy Benedict talked to people who were willing to stand on the long lines.

Even though the line seemed endless, she found people eager to wait it out.

“It’s huge,” said one eager voter-to-be.

“I’m overwhelmed,” said another.

The line was at least four hours long and still people kept coming. Some brought chairs, others books.

“I’m proud to be an American” said one voter, “this is our duty.”

“As a Muslim-American I want to make sure that my voice is heard andI  have a hand in this process,” said Tatiana Oueini.

Actor Anthony Anderson of “Blackish” waited two hours to vote, an experience he wanted to share with his daughter, a first-time voter.

Officials said there shouldn’t be long lines Tuesday. By law, only 1,000 people can be assigned to any one precinct.

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