ANAHEIM ( –    Authorities said a 34-year-old man went on Facebook live to allegedly stream what he said was going to be a big explosion.

KCAL9’s Tom Wait said Jeff Reece live streamed and narrated his own meltdown.

The 34-year-old took to Facebook to show he’s ready to take himself out in what could be a catastrophic explosion.

“Police haven’t officially made their presence known,” he said, “but they [are] here.”

He also told his audience, “I got the burners on the stove, full blast.”

Reece also holds what looks like a Molotov cocktail.

Police went to his mobile home in Anaheim after someone called them saying Reece was behaving erratically.

He would not come out police said so police and fire had to evacuate neighbors because of the threat of a large explosion.

Neighbors who were evacuated though they were being moved because of a natural gas leak.

All the while, Reece rambled on during a live stream.At one point, he said he also had “a little .45 down the street…buried in some dirt.”

Many neighbors didn’t know what happened until they saw the video.

“Ah, yeah, it’s very disturbing to see something like that- absolutely. It’s mostly older families that live here. A lot of retired people,” said Cari Ann Barker, a neighbor.

Police said after about two hours of negotiating Reece finally gave himself up.

“We’ll see how this ends,” he said, cryptically.

Officials told Wait that Reece has been charged with manufacturing an explosive device. He has a previous criminal record — an assault and conviction in 2011 in Oregon.