LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Friends of Bobbie Herndon handed fliers to anyone who would take one, hoping someone will see the 81-year-old man and call police.

A missing-persons report was filed this week when friends realized not even Herndon’s assisted-living facility, where he’s lived for years, knows where he is.

“Bobbie keeps in constant contact with us. I mean, at least once per month he calls us or we go to visit him,” friend Teresa Hoffman said.

It’s been a couple of months now with no word.

Administrators at Hollywood Royale Assisted Living say an ambulance took Herndon, who uses a wheelchair, to Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center on Aug. 15. And they haven’t heard from him since.

The hospital says Herndon hasn’t been there since 2014.

Hollywood Royale said he didn’t have emergency contacts and called himself “self-responsible. But his friends who call themselves his family worry he got dropped off at the wrong place or is lost or worse.

“I never wish anybody feel what I’ve been feeling these last three days, not knowing,” Hoffman said. “Where is he?”


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