ALISO VIEJO ( — Two Orange County super friends have transformed into a beacon of hope for the Twitterverse.

An image of Casey Pearlman and her best friend Yasman Idris dressed up in superhero capes and costumes went viral over the weekend, but not because they were Avengers or DC heroes. Casey and Yasman created their own superhero team – the “Juslims”.

The image was tweeted out Saturday by Casey’s father, best-selling author Jeff Pearlman, who wrote that his daughter is being raised Jewish, while Yasman is Muslim.

“My daughter and her pal are, simply, friends,” Pearlman wrote on his blog. “They talk about music and clothes and scary movies and boys and school. They are two people who moved to Southern California in the same month two years ago and they share a bond. That’s it. That’s all. No deep religious debates. No conflicts over prayer or the meaning behind ancient texts.”

The image of the two friends have warmed hearts across Twitter.

The two friends created the superhero team not as a statement on politics, religion or diversity, but because it was funny, Pearlman wrote.


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