LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — A woman is suing Michael Jackson’s estate claiming that he molested her when she was a teen and paid her close to $1 million in hush money to keep her quiet.

The plaintiff, identified only as Jane Doe in the lawsuit, is now a 42-year-old mother.

“My client was sexually abused by Michael Jackson in the mid 80’s to the late 80’s, beginning when she was 13 all the way through the time she was 15 years old,” attorney Vince Finaldi said.

The woman claimed the late King of Pop began abusing her in 1986 when her parents took her to his Hayvenhurst home on a sightseeing trip. Jackson spotted her as he was driving into the gate and invited the family inside.

“After that, he began calling her house, speaking with her,” Finaldi added.

The lawyer said Jackson invited his client to visit him at his home and on movie sets, where the abuse allegedly took place.

Finaldi claimed Jackson sent his accuser notes including one that read: “I really like talking to you. And you are so sweet…I love you and miss you very much. All my love. Michael.”

Another note said: “Please come to see me. Your mother and dad are nice. Bye. I love you. M.J.”

The accuser claimed she received more than $900,000 from Jackson over three years.

Her attorney showed CBS2/KCAL9’s Tom Wait the checks, including three in the amounts of $600,000, $150,000 and $130,000.

Finaldi said his client came forward now for multiple reasons.

“The Jackson camp was saying, ‘Well, you know, he didn’t only have boys around. He had girls around him. And there were girls at Neverland. And there were girls in his bedroom. And he’s never sexually abused a girl’,” said Finaldi.

“She said: ‘Well you know in fact, I’m a girl, and he sexually abused me’,” the lawyer claimed.

An attorney for Jackson’s estate released this statement to TMZ: “This is yet another attempt to hit the lottery by suing the Estate of Michael Jackson more than seven years after Michael’s death and close to 30 years after these incidents supposedly occurred. We believe this claim was created from whole cloth and is without any merit. It’s also no coincidence that this woman is represented by the same attorneys involved in two other frivolous claims against the Estate.”

Finaldi also represents two other Jackson accusers.

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  1. No Brainer says:

    What the heck did she do with the money ???

  2. It’s about time someone sued this pedophile!

    1. Jen Williams says:

      This is so false. It is sad that many are making Michael Jackson out as a gravy train for false lawsuits. This is something to waste time and try to drain the estate. They need to concentrate on the real pedophiles like Woody Allen who married his daughter and another daughter was molested and has now spoke on this as an adult, Brian Singer, and Charlie Sheen who is into porn stars with pigtails which alarmed his wife! Conrad Murray calling Michael Jackson’s daughter post prison police is pretty scary too.

  3. Jen Williams says:

    I must add that Michael Jackson Estate needs to sue this nut fand the attorney for wasting corporate staff time and counter sue them for the same amount that she is asking.

    1. amaleski says:

      I so agree with Jen. That money belongs to the family. All these newer allegations are purely bogus. And there is no solid proof or validity to them at all. It should’ve been dealt with back at that time when it was in court and fully dismissed. CASE CLOSED!!!!!!

  4. Until there is *actual* evidence of molestation, I’d take these claims with a grain of salt. Michael is innocent until proven guilty, and he has yet to be proven so.

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