HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA.com)  — It’s not something you’re used to seeing at the DMV, rows and rows of empty seats and nobody in line.

“I thought I hit the jackpot. There was nobody here!” Shanelle Ashford said.

The Hollywood DMV was empty because customers were being turned away while DMV officials tried to fix a massive computer outage, impacting  more than 100 offices across the state.

The computers actually went down Monday and the DMV says crews worked overnight to rebuild the system, but weren’t successful as of 5 p.m. Tuesday.

One man has been trying  to get a new driver’s license for two days.

“I came here yesterday and there was a big line and they turned us away,” Dimitri Batts said.  “I just went to the valley and same thing, so I came to this one.  It sucks, doesn’t it?”

Even though the computers are down, the DMV is still open.  They’ll answer your questions, help you make a return appointment and you can still take a driver’s test.

Another man at the Glendale DMV says he had an appointment for Tuesday, but was told if he wants to come back Wednesday, he’ll have to arrive without an appointment.

“If I come back tomorrow why should I have to go through the non appointment line when I already had one today,” the frustrated customer said.

The DMV has posted a list of field offices still affected by the outage and will update the list as offices come back online.

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