LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Members of a culinary workers union protested Donald Trump’s bid for the presidency ahead of the third and final presidential debate Wednesday by pledging to build a “wall of tacos” in front of his Las Vegas Strip hotel.

The spectacle didn’t quite live up to the event’s billing, but at least a few taco trucks were parked in front of the hotel to draw attention to the union’s criticisms of the Republican nominee for president.

Organizers addressed a crowd of union members through microphones, leading chants of “We’ll be back.”

The event was staged by The Culinary Union, which represents about 57,000 workers who are employed at hotels and casinos along the strip and in downtown Las Vegas. The Culinary Union is affiliated with the larger Unite Here union, which represents hotel, gaming, food service, and airport workers throughout North America.

The union says Trump has repeatedly failed to negotiate a contract with them. Trump’s hotel is one of a very few on the strip that does not have union-negotiated contracts for its workers, according to CNN.

So why a “wall of tacos?”

The demonstration appears to be an attempt to lampoon two things: Trump’s proposal to build a “great wall” along the U.S.-Mexico border, as well as a warming from a Trump surrogate that if immigration into the U.S. continues at its current pace, “you’re going to have taco trucks on every corner.”

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  1. Trump said he would have the Mexicans build the wall. See, he was right!

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