LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — West Hills teacher and coach Cara Viramontes couldn’t believe what she saw when she opened a recent email from travel site Expedia.com.

“I thought it was a joke,” she recalled. “No way this could have happened.”

When Viramontes logged in to check her itinerary on Expedia’s website last week, she found an expletive — in bold — followed by an exclamation mark. Yes, an Expedia employee appeared to have left her a message: “F— You!”

What’s more, she saw that her and her family’s New Year’s travel reservation had been cancelled without their consent.

“Everyone I show, they laugh and think it’s a joke,” she said. “No one can believe a company as credible as Expedia would ever do something like this.”

It all began when Viramontes complained that she had been charged for travel insurance for her 8 month old son, even though the infant doesn’t need an airline ticket and will sit on her lap. After the call, she responded to an online survey, sent to her by Expedia.

“I was honest,” she said. “I said, ‘You know what, the lady wasn’t helpful. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she wouldn’t let me speak to a supervisor.'”

Two days later, the high school teacher and coach says she got the email telling her that her trip had been cancelled. And that’s when she saw the foul language.

She quickly called customer service. She says she was told that she was to blame for the canceled reservation. She then sent the supervisor a screenshot of the “F—  You” at the top of her itinerary.

“It’s clear as day what was written and I haven’t received a response,” she said. “Nothing.”

Viramontes said on Tuesday that Expedia had yet to offer to compensate her for the $600 she paid for her plane tickets. She said a supervisor told her she would have to pay a $200 fee to book another flight.

Expedia later responded to a request for comment from CBS2 on Tuesday afternoon.

“We take this matter very seriously and have opened up an investigation analyzing every click and action made by our customer service agents,” the company said.

Expedia also said it will rebook Viramontes flights, refund her money and provide her with a $500 voucher.

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  1. Mr. Gadsen Jr. says:

    @Mr. Gadsen

    “This is a hoax.”

    No, but you probably are.

  2. There is a storm brewing…People are going off the chain…It is the most dangerous I’ve seen in my half century…You see it driving or shopping..Idiots

  3. Gilchrist says:

    The ability to provide customer service has all but vanished, especially online. This is absolutely believable, since I have had agents hang up on me when they can’t answer a simple question with another company. Writing to these companies is simply sending an email into cyberspace, which is a one way discussion.

  4. Ruby Lyskowinski says:

    I made reservations and paid for 9 tickets that were confirmed, later Expedia sent email when I called they informed me the flight had been cancelled and that we would have to take the flight they offered, ( no choice ) which was an overnight flight, 4 of the tickets are for children under 4. After several calls and lots of stress on my part, we had to settle for the same flight but one day later. We are loosing one day on our vacation, and our rental is non refundable so pay for one day we are not there. Wont do business with Expedia again.

  5. Max says:

    I’m an agent from Expedia.
    Some customers are really rude. Our calls are being monitored from time to time, EVERYTHING is recorded. Customers should understand that we agents are following the airline’s policies, if it states NON REFUNDABLE, CHANGES NOT PERMITTED, or there would be a fee for modifications, then it’s definitely not our fault. As soon as we have policies like these, you don’t know how much we worry in delivering the news to our customers just to avoid them from getting upset. We are doing our very best in providing good and quality service, but there are times when the case is out of our control. I tell you, Expedia is the best. I can guarantee you.

    1. Chris says:

      I’ve been a loyal customer to Expedia for 5 years already– I know some agents can come out entirely rude and mean but I don’t blame them. Customer service can be really hard. I’m sure Expedia is already taking care of whatever the agent’s fault is– y’know making an example not to do this in the future. Maybe we customer’s need to be more sensitive.

      But I don’t have a problem with Expedia at all.

    2. William Connor says:

      You know what? it’s weird. The agent I got months ago prolly on June, I had a flight heading to Albuquerque and I have to cancel it cause’ I wanna leave next year instead. My agent was very helpful and understanding, he and his supervisor gave me the full refund! I think it’s around $900 plus the credit for cancellation. I think think Cara Viramontes is one of the unfortunate customers of Expedia, or the problem is with her. Right now imma book a flight for Christmas and it’s going to be right straight to Expedia.

  6. Mary says:

    I love EXPEDIA!

  7. Raphael J says:

    Hmmmm.. I want to know the Agent’s side of the story. CARA looks suspicious and confusing to me.
    In the first place is CARA a She or a He?

    1. Kyla says:

      Yeah, two women with a son is suspicious to me

      1. Koko says:


  8. Vyot says:

    agentes de Filipinas son el major!

  9. KylaVidaLoca says:

    I am an agent from Customer Service and we can’t fire someone right away without further investigation– besides, we’re seeing one side of the story here. We need to hear the son’s side.

  10. Mr. Gadsen says:

    This has already been debunked. You can edit the itinerary name to anything and generate an email from Expedia with whatever you want it to say. Expedia got fleeced if they provided compensation.

    In fact, I’ll send it to CBS2 with “Retract this story immediately” as the subject.

  11. Airockstar says:

    you can actually edit the name of the trip directly by accessing your account. And the customer did cancel the flight and wants to reinstate it but there was already a fee.. She doesn’t want to pay the fees. It’s her fault anyway.. we can actually see every items you click on the website. False claim by the customer.

  12. I too am a victim of Expedia (and I am a VERY careful consumer — I am elderly and poor, and therefore cheap). They bait and switch!! I was traveling with an old, blind dog. I booked a special “unadvertised” hotel deal at a place that was listed as “pet friendly.” ONLY after I’d booked a non-refundable stay did I learn that a SEVENTY-FIVE DOLLAR PET FEE would be added to my “discounted” rate. The hotel alleged it would have to spend the next day cleaning up after my dog (as if they would not have had to clean the room anyway!). .And there was nowhere to walk my dog! I could have booked luxury accommodations for the price I ended up paying because of Expedia’s failure to disclose the up-charge for a pet.

    This hotel also was listed as near the local airport; IT WAS NOT, it was in an industrial park miles away.

    I contacted Expedia regarding this issue and have had no response.

    I got ripped off, and I never will use Expedia again. Nor should you.

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