NORTH HOLLYWOOD ( — Laura Rodriguez is taking care of her bruised and battered father-in-law, an ice cream vendor beaten and robbed for $80.

Donations to Juan Martinez on gofundme have now shot up to more than $60,000.

“He has a fractured nose; he was swollen up to here and now it goes down to here,” Rodriguez said, indicating the man’s injuries. “I don’t know if you can tell, but it’s kind of swollen.”

Actor and comedian George Lopez appears to be getting involved, sharing the story on Facebook and pledging to donate to the 71-year-old man who was attacked Tuesday while out pushing his ice cream cart.

It was after dark when police say two men approached Martinez. After beating him, they grabbed his week’s earnings of about $80 and took off.

An undocumented immigrant, he’s spent the past 30 years selling ice cream to get by. Rodriguez is prepared for backlash.

“I don’t care,” Rodriquez said. “They don’t know his struggles. They don’t know what he’s lived.”

Without his papers, an immigration attorney will have to help Martinez retrieve the donations.

Police don’t have any security video of a beating, but they do have some still images of people who were in the area at that time. They may seek those people for questioning.

Comments (4)
  1. Janet Schray says:

    Good for him.I have bought from this sweet, kind man, for yrs. I wish him well, how many others would walk for miles in 100 degree temp. to make so little money, doing an honest job.The jokes on you punks. ….Jan on Troost says get better soon, and retire in peace, you deserve this.

  2. Joe says:

    Sure hope they spend the money well. They are now at $72K of the revised $100K goal (originally $10K). If he just doubles the monthly amount he used to earn ($320 a month to $640), it will only last 13 years. Chances are he or his kids will squander the money away within a couple of years.

    1. Janet Schray says:

      Yeah, I’m PU$SY MIKE the BIPOLAR INTERNET BlTCH . I don’t like woods or south siders. I was picked up for criminal threats, and got a beat down in the process. Robert Hale got me a plea deal. They segregate “gays” and I learned about Allah in there. They also gave me free meds. Go for it. Be careful, or I’ll hijack your name and try to lick your nuts, like I do to Trump, nobama, GROWAPAIR, KELVIN STEPHENS, America, and everyone else I hate and who b1tch slapped me

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