SOUTH PASADENA ( — Flowers and candles are now next to this horse stable at San Pascual Stables in South Pasadena after 10-year-old KitKat had to suddenly be put down. Her owner, too upset to show her face on camera, believes KitKat was beaten.

“Someone took her out of the stall and tied her and tried to either ride her or beat her and that’s how she got injured,” the horse’s owner, who did not want to be identified said.

CBSLA is told the horse had been checked on at 10 p.m. Tuesday night and was in its stable. It was found out of its stable and tied to a pipe corral early Wednesday morning. The horse was so badly injured she needed to be euthanized.

“Oh its awful. Its really awful. Everybody loves their pets and horses are special pets,” KitKat’s owner said.

The humane society and the South Pasadena Police Department say its an open investigation but they haven’t found any evidence of foul play. Many who keep their horses at San Pascual Stables have come up with their own theories as to how the horse got out of its stable and was found bloody and left to die but did not go on camera with that information .

Cameras have been put up around the stables and a security guard has been on duty until after midnight. If you have any information please call police.

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  1. We would like to see the City and the Stables Owners put a full secured fence around the perimeter of the stables as well as cameras everywhere. Until things are truly promised to all the boarders we do not fell safe!! This was such a horrific horrible upsetting death of Kitkat who did not deserve to be beaten by anyone for any reason!!! There is a reward I’ve heard being offered for any information!!! Please don’t let this story just go away. Lets get answers, lets get justice for Kit Kat! There is a murder running around Pasadena!!!!

  2. Please remove my comment!!! I did not mean to leave this live!

  3. Justice for KitKat says:

    How can the police say no evidence of “foul play”, When the horse was taken from her stall in the middle of the night from and murdered. If the monster who did this to a horse can be this evil.
    What will they do to a human? South Pasadena is not safe until they find out who did this. This is the worst animal hate crime I have ever heard in this area. It looks to me like a vendetta.

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