LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Coast Guard has located a missing sailboat near Southern California’s Channel Islands and officials say all three people aboard are fine.

Petty Officer Sondra Kneen says the 35-foot vessel was found safe about 5:30 a.m. Wednesday near Santa Cruz Island. The boaters said there was a misunderstanding about their return date, and that they had not planned to come back into port until Thursday.

The search using a helicopter and a cutter began Tuesday night after a passenger’s wife reported said the boat didn’t return as planned.

Kneen says the boat’s operator, his wife and a male passenger were on board.

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  1. Webster Phreaky says:

    The Channel Islands waters are infested by sharks, especially Great Whites and if that Sailboat capsized or sunk, those three aboard are sadly shark bait. Hope they made it to shore, if they aren’t actually in some bar drunk in Playa del Mar for the last few days.

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