WEST HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA.com) — As Miss Arizona, Tasha Dixon, then 18, competed in the Miss USA pageant, which was owned by Donald Trump for 19 years, along with the Miss Universe and Miss Teen USA pageants.

“Our first introduction to him was when we were at the dress rehearsal and half naked changing into our bikinis,” Dixon recalled. “He just came strolling right in. There was no second to put a robe on or any sort of clothing or anything. Some girls were topless. Other girls were naked.”

She said she and her fellow contestants were put in an awkward position when “the owner come waltzing in when we were naked or half naked in a very physically vulnerable position and then to have the pressure of the people that worked for him telling us to go fawn all over him, go walk up to him, talk to him, get his attention.”

Dixon’s account is seemingly supported by the Republican presidential nominee himself in a 2005 broadcast on the “The Howard Stern Show.” That audio recording was re-released last weekend.

Here is a sample of what was said on the show on April 11, 2005:

Trump: “I’ll go backstage before a show and everyone’s getting dressed and ready and everything else. And you know, no men are anywhere. And I’m allowed to go in because I’m the owner of the pageant. And therefore, I’m inspecting it. You know I’m inspecting it. I want to make sure everything is good.”
Stern: “You’re like a doctor.”
Trump: “Is everyone OK? You know they’re standing there with no clothes. Is everybody OK? And you see these incredible looking women. And so I sort of get away with things like that.”

Dixon has strong opinions about what she thought was Trump’s motivations.

“I’m telling you Donald Trump owned the pageant for the reasons to utilize his power to get around beautiful women,” she added. “Who do you complain to? He owns the pageant. There’s no one to complain to. Everyone there works for him.”

The West Hollywood resident competed in 2001. The theme for that year was empowering women.

After hearing Friday’s release of an audio recording of Trump making lewd comments about women, Dixon decided to speak out. But she said her decision was not politically motivated. “I’m Miss Arizona so I veer more on the conservative side. But I just like to choose what’s right.”

Dixon said she has not listened to Trump’s interview with Stern.

CBS2’s Serene Branson reached out to several other 2001 contestants. But those who responded declined to be interviewed.

But former Miss California Carrie Prejean Boller did release a statement:

“To paint Mr. Trump as someone who would purposely walk into a women’s dressing room and ask women to come impress him is the most disgusting accusation so far. Mr. Trump has empowered me as a woman, has given me career opportunities and defended me during my reign as Miss California USA.”

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  1. Donald, jr. says:

    Donald, Shame on you for not sending photos, I certainly wouldn’t mind see Tasha half naked! Oh by the way we are about to start WW3 with Russia but this is far more important!

  2. Thomas Dorman says:

    Donald Trump’s talk on the bus at the Access Hollywood screening was not locker room banter. It was an admission of commission of a predatory sex crime. If Donald Trump were a young Black male, he would have been prosecuted for it. There is a double, triple and quadruple standard for Donald Trump and it MUST stop! Donald Trump is NOT above the law. The law is supposed to apply equally to everyone, including young Black males and Donald Trtump.

  3. houx says:

    2 minutes of fame after losing. Never doubt the attention, but she walk in from to cameras in a small swimsuit when 1000s see here on tv. Here career hasn’t gone too far in 15 years. She needs to put a pantsuit on and stand with Hilary.

  4. Mark says:

    Wasn’t he a Democrat then?

  5. Democrats (e.g. Kennedy, Clinton) tend to get in trouble with women. Republicans tended to get in trouble with Congressional pages. (humor but partially true)

  6. Blessed says:

    How do you trump supporters not understand the basic concept of consent. Are you that depraved that you think everyone in the world should bow to your wants, especially women. They have every right to be in the contest with their full consent. However, Donald does not have the right to shove himself on women, especially young vulnerable girls, without a single one of them consenting to being seen naked ahead of time. I guess you do truly see human beings as nothing more than objects for your use. This election truly is showing a sick underside of conservatives that I couldn’t even imagine.

    1. I agree completely. I never imagined they could be this low and debased. There is no bottom.

    2. Some Dude says:

      This is nothing compared to what Bill did. If you react like this to this event, you must have gone completely mad when Bill desecrated the Oval Office while on the job, didn’t you? Sure, this is just a Conservative issue, jeez, get a life.

  7. The Trumpettes commenting here are pathetic. Trump himself bragged on Howard Stern of this exact behavior, deliberately walking into the changing area when the contestants were unclothed, an area where no men were allowed, except he is the owner, so he could look at the naked women. The man is disgusting and vile in every way. If you approve of him there is something sick and wrong with you.

    1. Some Dude says:

      You’re a perfect example of the poster boy liberal hypocrite. Read what you just typed and think transsexual bathrooms where you want men to be able to use the lady’s room. You’re the sickest bunch of hypocrites out there. You’re an embarrassment.

  8. Some Dude says:

    So, what’s the difference between the event described in this article and transsexual bathrooms that all the liberals demand? The fake left wing anger over this event can be dismissed or they can just continue with their hypocrisy.

    1. BG says:

      The difference is that transsexual women aren’t going in the women’s bathroom to peek under the stalls at nonconsenting women. They’re going in to use the toilet.

  9. jmz says:

    I worked with this girl. She was a little off. I got a feeling that she was the type that was so desperate to do anything to become famous . It doesn’t surprise me that she is doing this.

    1. Some Dude says:

      You want to know another thing about Transgender people. Well, you pu$sies think I need so much protection when I already get paid more licking buttlips than what most of you’ll ever see with or without these people. Jail is punishment, but constitutionally it can’t be “cruel or unusual,” so every time you brain dead pu$sies give in and vote for more tough on crime laws check the “ferry dust” coming from my butt. Transgender is not sexual deviance, know your terms, dumba-$ses.

      I’m MIKE, the Original Internet PU$SY BlTCH, I get b1tch slapped by GROWAPAIR so I lick BUTTH0LES and jack around screen names

  10. Pat Brown says:

    The sad thing is that these guys think they can get away with this conduct and that it will never come out!