LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — For a robot, Sophia is surprisingly quippy.

“60 Minutes” correspondent Charlie Rose interviewed the robot about artificial intelligence in an “Overtime” web extra video.

(credit: cbsnews.com)

“Sophia” has the face of a woman, but no hair or skin on the back of its head. (credit: CBS News)

Sophia has the face of a woman, with freckles, trim eyebrows and an expressive mouth, but no hair or skin on the back of the head, which instead houses the robot’s internal workings behind a transparent casing.

The touch of Sophia’s “skin” made a makeup artist draw back with some surprise.

“Oh my God, she feels real,” the makeup artist said.

Sophia’s creator, David Hanson, who is seen sitting next to her during the interview, told “60 Minutes” that she has been programmed, but also creates spontaneous responses based on algorithms.

When Rose asked Sophia who created her, she said, “David Hanson originally created me and lots of talented people have contributed to my hardware and software over the years. I’m a complicated girl.”


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