HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA.com) — Men who like to get manicures and pedicures can now get them done in a man cave-like, androcentric environment.

Hammer & Nails at 8257 on Melrose Avenue in Hollywood caters to men who like to be pampered and groomed.

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Customers are treated to complimentary beverages, personal 32-inch TV’s with headphones and over-sized leather chairs.

Founder Michael Elliot said he came up with what he calls the first men’s nail salon in the United States when he went to a traditional nail salon in which he felt uncomfortable and out of place.

“It was women everywhere, the canary yellow walls, this hyper feminine environment. And I felt out of place,” the screenwriter-turned entrepreneur recalled.

Then his light bulb turned on. “If I could create a place with a guy that would never step foot in a nail salon would not only go to but want to come back, I could be onto something,” he said.

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Hammer & Nails, which opened in November 2013 in Hollywood, is now expanding across the country.

Just this year, the company has sold 183 franchise licenses in eight states.

“We’re on our way to becoming the next big men’s brand,” Elliot declared.

Hammer & Nails may target men, but women are welcomed too.

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“We created this place for guys. But there are women who prefer this over the hyper feminine nail salons. And there’s also women who want to come with their husbands for the first time,” Elliot added.