PASADENA ( — Laughter, scoffs and head-shaking were the typical reactions at a debate-watching party in Pasadena Sunday.

CBSLA’s Cristy Fajardo noticed some at the Rose Bowl Bruin UCLA alum gathering looking visibly uncomfortable as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton traded unprecedented jabs.

The second presidential debate was held at Washington University in St. Louis.

“We saw a really high level of name calling,” UCLA political science Professor Jeff Lewis said.

Some who had high hopes of Trump imploding were a little disappointed.

“I was surprised he was so well behaved,” Jane Wallace said.

Professor Chris Tausanovitch said Trump did a good job at not letting his latest firestorm get any worse.

“I thought Trump was effective at preventing some of the scandals that have happened during his campaign from taking over the dialogue of the debate.”

Tausanovitch added that neither candidate delivered a knockout punch nor made a huge blunder.

CBSLA’s Dave Bryan had the analysis of Sunday night’s debate:


  1. Kathy Newton says:

    How pompous for your 5 “experts” last night after the debate to state most Americans don’t know who Warren Buffet or George Soris are! Your panel was so biased it is sickening.

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