MURRIETA ( — Security video shows two women walking into Magic Brow in Murrieta and pretending they were there for service. At least that’s what aesthetician Kelsey Guerrero thought.

“I think she had intent. She never was planning to use the restroom,” Guerrero said.

One woman asked to use the restroom. But a security camera caught her taking Guerrero’s purse and stuffing it into a large bag.

“Maybe she steals from other places, and they might have told her Magic Brow might be a good place because I use their restroom and all their purses are in the back,” Guerrero guessed.

While Guerrero was in a side room giving a facial, the other employees were busy with customers. So, no one noticed what was happening near the restroom.

“For someone to be capable of doing something like that, I can’t wrap my head around it. Disgusting.”

The woman’s sleight of hand was fast, but her trick at Magic Brow was not a profitable performance.

“I don’t keep large sums of money in my purse. I think she thought she had hit the jackpot,” Guerrero said, adding that she will keep her purse with her at all times from now on.


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