TARZANA (CBSLA.com) — It’s only been a few days since 14 year-old Ariel Javaherian was released from the hospital. He went back Thursday for a check-up seeing the doctors and nurses again that saved his life.

Two weeks ago Javaherian accidentally stepped on a rattlesnake and it bit him, in his own backyard in Tarzana.

The snake’s venom can be deadly on its own, but Javaherian also had a rare, severe allergic reaction.

That allergic reaction is similar to what some people get from bees or peanuts.

“It was getting hard to breathe, I was taking bigger breaths and got smaller amounts of air,” Javaherian

In this case it was so severe, doctors used the equivalent of two EpiPens and eight times the typical amount of anti-venom.

“It’s as serious as you get in the emergency department,” Dr. Thomas Solomon, of Providence Tarzana Medical Center said. “You have to act within seconds to minutes.”

Ariel’s throat closed up so quickly, his doctor had to perform an emergency tracheotomy.

Javaherian’s snake bite and his throat are still healing.

His father still remembers his screams when it happened and did his best to rush his son to the hospital.

“I passed all the red lights, stop signs and got here in a matter of minutes,” Omid Javaherian said. “It was very terrifying, very scary.”

They made it just in time. And things are finally getting back to normal.

“I’m feeling good, it’s kind of weird walking and talking again at school but I’m getting used to it,” Ariel said.

Ariel brought his doctors flowers to thank them but the appreciation goes both ways.

“He’s one of the ones I’ll never forget,” Dr. Thomas Solomon. “And I’m so grateful he’s doing well, he makes everything worth it, makes my job worthwhile.”

“I’m lucky, to be alive” Ariel said.


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