LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Nathalie Gosset says she misses her job at the Alfred Mann Institute of Biomedical Engineering at USC where she was second in command of marketing and technology innovation.

A year ago, Gosset was let go.

“In less than ten minutes, I lost everything,” she said.

After 12 years on the job she says she was fired because she complained that her boss Dr. Jon Lasch, was sexually harassing her.

Gosset says Lasch would say inappropriate things to her.

“He would talk about what happened between the bed sheets the night before. You know, sexual positions, and how he performed or didn’t perform.”

Gosset filed an arbitration demand against Lasch, the institute’s head of human resources, the institute and USC.

“I believe other women are keeping it quiet just to survive and I think they need to stand up,” Gosset said.

Gosset says Lasch would also bully her. And when she complained to human resources, no full investigation was ever completed and Lasch was never punished.

“If you speak up, you are terminated, this is a very unsafe environment,” Gosset said.

Attorney Lisa Bloom says there will be a hearing for this case next June.

Gosset says she hopes to recover damages for all the pain and suffering she endured, but also wants to help other women in male dominated fields like science and technology.

The university defended itself in a statement released Thursday.

“The allegations in the case of Nathalie Gosset are without merit,” USC said. “The university will defend itself and those named in the suit vigorously.”


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