NEWPORT BEACH (CBSLA) — CBS2/KCAL9 has uncovered video of a Newport Beach police shooting that left a man dead.

The violent scene played out on police dash cam video at a Newport Beach 7-Eleven on May 29, 2014.

Garrit Vos entered the store, started threatening customers, jumped the counter, stole scissors and grabbed a clerk.

Someone called 911. Officers arrived and believed Vos was on drugs or bath salts.

Ultimately, Vos charged his way out of the store while holding a metal shelving hook. That was when officers opened fire.

Richard Vos is Gerrit’s father. He and his attorney filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Newport Beach police.

He said his 22-year-old son suffered from schizophrenia and drug addiction.

Richard said he understood Gerrit was a threat that night, but believes police did not need to use deadly force.

After the shooting, prosecutors investigated the shooting and cleared the officers involved.

The Orange County District Attorney’s office released a statement say: “Officer Farris feared Vos was going to continue his advance and ‘kill his partner’ or himself, so he fired his AR-15 four times.”

One officer, who was using a nonlethal gun, said this after firing at Gerrit: “Officer Shen did not see whether or not the projectile struck Vos, but stated that it had no effect on Vos and Vos continued advancing,”

Vos’ attorney said it’s clear from the video that multiple weapons were fired at once, so nonlethal options were never truly attempted.

“The officers just shot on command. And that’s an execution,” attorney Khail Parris claimed.

“Being 28 years in the fire department, I dedicated my life to saving people. And if I was to deny this interview, I would feel like I let other handicapped people down, other mentally ill people down by not putting this out there,” Richard Vos said.

The district attorney’s final report said there was no criminal wrongdoing. That is why no charges were filed against the officers.

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  1. ZumaMom says:

    Good, another deviate eliminated from society.

    1. Bob King says:

      Yeah, I’m PU$SY MIKE the BIPOLAR INTERNET BlTCH . I don’t like woods or south siders. I was picked up for criminal threats, and got a beat down in the process. Robert Hale got me a plea deal. They segregate “gays” and I learned about Allah in there. They also gave me free meds. Go for it. Be careful, or I’ll hijack your name and try to lick your nuts, like I do to Trump, nobama, GROWAPAIR, KELVIN STEPHENS, America, and everyone else I hate and who b1tch slapped me

      But all of you already know this

      1. Bob King says:

        You want to know another thing about Transgender people. Well, you pu$sies think I need so much protection when I already get paid more licking buttlips than what most of you’ll ever see with or without these people. Jail is punishment, but constitutionally it can’t be “cruel or unusual,” so every time you brain dead pu$sies give in and vote for more tough on crime laws check the “ferry dust” coming from my butt. Transgender is not sexual deviance, know your terms, dumba-$ses.

        I’m MIKE, the Original Internet PU$SY BlTCH, I get b1tch slapped by GROWAPAIR so I lick BUTTH0LES and jack off screen names

  2. Rich Tanner says:

    The reason for so many Police involved shootings is that (drum roll please) it is their job. Duh! Bad persons need to be stopped and I thank God for an official group of persons to do it. This story attempts to center on his nice father. Sorry, your son’s BAD and very dangerous behavior was the issue. If you were so aware of his behavior, why did you not take better care of him, and restrain his release on all of us? Bad form…

  3. Bob King says:

    How incredibly irresponsible of CBS to release the names of the police officers. How ignorant can you be to do something like this? Honestly, I hope none of you ever need the police, because If I were them, I’d ignore your calls. This is exactly why I do not watch the news anymore. Its completely biased, irresponsible, and ignorant.

  4. Bob King says:

    Apparently the cops were supposed to know this 22yr old was whacked out on whatever, had a drug addiction problem, as well as mental problems. Apparently the cops were supposed to evaluate him on the spot right after he threatened the lives of innocent people. So the father does the only thing he can think of, files a wrongful death lawsuit. Sheer genius. Lets see if I can make some cash off the death of my son. Gee Dad, maybe you should have kept your whacked out son inside the house that night? That thought ever cross your mind?

  5. Bob King says:

    AR-15: 1 Bad guy: 0

    1. ZumaMom says:

      Your tongue: 44 My butt Hole: 44 … A Tie!!!!

      1. Bob King says:

        And that’s only today 🙂

  6. Bob King says:

    I’m a “expletive” butt licker. NO Hillary Clinton 2016!!! I back Black Lives Matter and the LGBT community. Love Trumps Hate!!!

    I’m PU$SY MIKE the BIPOLAR INTERNET BlTCH and I lick Trump nuts.

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