WEST HARTFORD (CBSLA.com) — The Warshauer family is no stranger to creating elaborate displays for neighbors to enjoy during the weeks that lead up to Halloween.

But this year, the Connecticut homeowners’ decorations have become the talk of the town through their politically-inspired “Trump Wall,” which pokes fun at one of the hot-button topics in the presidential election.

(credit: Jim Meltzer)

(credit: Jim Meltzer)

The “U.S./Mexico border,” which surrounds the front yard of the West Hartford home, features a figurine resembling Donald Trump blowing smoke while seated on top of the “Trump Tower.”

Several armed gunmen who appear to be guarding the barbwire “Trump Deportation Center” are seen pointing rifles in the direction of zombies and skeletons and holding signs that read “work ethic,” “hope,” “not a criminal” and “family values.”

The detailed display also includes posters that are labeled “is the system so broken we need to elect a madman” and “crooked vs. crooked and crazy.”

A figurine resembling Bernie Sanders is displayed behind bars next to a placard that reads “jailed by the DNC.”

And just to stay politically neutral, the Halloween display features a campaign poster which suggests the upcoming election is a circus, detailed with cartoon depictions of Hillary Clinton and Trump dressed as clowns.

The Warshauer’s home, located on a busy thoroughfare that leads to the center of town, has become a spectacle on social media.

Comments (4)
  1. george says:

    It’s a fitting analogy….we have to build a wall to keep the children from taking all our candy…

  2. Toby says:

    Yes if they know there is free stuff {candy} they will come in droves.

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