LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — About 50 protesters voiced frustration Monday night with police shootings over the weekend as they marched in the streets of South Los Angeles.

Police helped stop traffic as demonstrators marched from a shooting site at 45th Street and Ascot Avenue to the nearby Los Angeles Police Department station.

According to police, the protests came on the heels of two deadly officer-involved shootings that occurred over the weekend.

The first shooting took place on Saturday afternoon at the end of a police chase.

Carnell Snell Jr., 18, was fatally shot by police outside of his home.

Among protesters Monday were two people who said they saw the police shoot a man Sunday.

One witness said the man moved quickly with something in one hand but that officers didn’t give commands.

“They could have asked him to put it down,” the witness said.

Tiffany Peterson, who also saw the shooting, wonder why the man wasn’t given more time to respond.

“Why didn’t they tell him ‘Drop the weapon, we got you surrounded, drop the weapon?’ At least give him a chance!” Peterson said.

During a news conference, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said surveillance video from an area business clearly showed Snell holding a gun in his left hand. He was shot when he turned toward the officers.

According to Beck, the officers involved in the shooting were not wearing body cameras.

Both shooting incidents remain under investigation.

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