SOUTH LOS ANGELES ( — Raw emotions were still boiling over Sunday night in a South Los Angeles community after the deadly police shooting of a black teen.

Just before 8 p.m.  a protest broke out at Western Avenue and 108th Street in South L.A. Sky9 was above the scene as drivers started doing donuts in the intersection and some young people were seen tagging businesses with spray paint.

People in the community were upset over the use of  lethal force by officers on 18-year-old Carnell Snell, Jr. after a chase.

Snell was shot just two houses away from where he lived.

Investigators say the incident unfolded about 1 p.m. when they saw a car with paper plates that they suspected of being stolen. Authorities allege that the driver of the vehicle refused to stop. A couple of blocks away, investigators say the driver of the car did stop, and two men got out of the car, but the vehicle then fled.

Police say they then turned their attention to the foot pursuit, chasing one male about two blocks, at which point an officer-involved shooting occurred. It is not clear what caused the officers to open fire, but police have said that a handgun was discovered at the scene.

Six bullet holes in an iron fence are leaving residents with a reminder of the deadly shooting.

“Let’s wake up, let’s wake up and try to show some love and compassion for each other,” concerned mother Avis Bates said.

The LAPD has scheduled a new conference for Monday.

Early Sunday morning, more than two dozen protesters dispersed overnight after they gathered outside the home of Mayor Eric Garcetti.

About 30 protesters converged outside the Getty House in Hancock Park, wanting to draw attention to police shooting earlier Saturday.

Mayor Garcetti offered this statement Sunday:

“Our city has worked hard for two decades to make our communities safer and to build bonds of trust between our neighborhood residents and the police officers who serve them. I would appeal for everyone to come together as a city and to wait for the completion of a thorough and proper investigation of yesterday’s events.”



As CBS2’s Joy Benedict reports, Garcetti’s home and vehicle were also egged, though it remains unclear who is responsible, or whether the incident was connected to the protest.

Police arrived on scene early Sunday, and were investigating the vandalism. As of 7 a.m., the street surrounding Garcetti’s home remained blocked off.



(credit: Joy Benedict / CBS2)

(credit: Joy Benedict / CBS2)

Footage captured the demonstrators outside Garcetti’s home, as well as at the scene where Snell was killed. His mother was inconsolable at the scene in South Los Angeles after learning her son had been killed.

The shooting drew almost instant protests at the scene, where about 100 people gathered.