LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Vin Scully had a little help with his signature salutation Sunday.

“It’s time for Dodger baseball!” Scully and fans shouted out together.

For one final time, the legend was sharing the game with us from Dodger Stadium.

Fans were treated to the most appropriated ending for Scully’s final Dodger broadcast. First they got an extra inning of Scully and then Charlie Culberson’s 10th-inning walk-off home run clinched the N.L. West for the Dodgers giving him one last dramatic call to go out with.

Scully will call the team’s final games in San Diego and then in San Francisco where he will sign off Oct. 2. He will not call any playoff games.

“He’s the voice for LA, He’s the voice for our Dodgers and he’s just always been there,” Jacob Fernandez said.


Sure seems that way. For 67 years, Scully has been part of the broadcast team, first in Brooklyn, then here in Los Angeles when he moved west with the team.

“Good afternoon everybody this is Vin Scully speaking to you from the Los Angeles coliseum as opening day has finally come to Southern California,” was his first call in Los Angeles.

Simply put. Dodger fans are Vin Scully fans.

“He means everything to us,” Shanna Mann said. “He is the soundtrack to my childhood.”

That soundtrack included big hits and no-hitters.

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“The way of painting a game like a Rembrandt without a paint brush,” Skip Stidham “He just describes it, even if you’re not here you think you are.”

On this special day at Dodger Stadium, pre-game eyes and cell phones were focused on the booth. Where Scully paid tribute to them with a simple sign of appreciation.

“I’m glad I’m here to pay tribute to him cuz he really is a legend, Lisa Yoshimura

When asked what Dodger fan Richard Rubio would miss most he said: “His voice. I just love listening to him. The way he portrays the game is amazing.”

The boys of summer appreciate him as much as we do.


“It’s the first time ever that I know of each Dodger hitter came up and waved up here saying best wishes, and I deeply appreciate that.” Scully said.

Scully said he wanted to treat Sunday like any other day. Focused on the Dodgers and the game and he wanted to share it with his family.

“We have 16 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren. God has been very good to us.”


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