HESPERIA (CBSLA.com) —   A Hesperia teen was arrested Tuesday evening after an alleged hit list he supposedly wrote landed on social media.

Officials said the student at Encore Senior High is charged with making terrorist threats and attempted murder.

All 33 people on the list have been notified, officials said.

KCAL9’s Crystal Cruz said the post was found on social media by a parent on Saturday.

The unidentified student had limited access to firearms but talked about placing explosives around the school.

After a search, officials said no explosives were found.

The Sheriff did not know if the student — arrested Tuesday evening — had any prior run-ins with the law. Officials also did not say what led the student to put together the list.

The student’s parents are said to be cooperating with authorities.

The student’s age was not disclosed.

On Wednesday, KCAL9’s Crystal Cruz spoke to stunned parents. They didn’t care why the hit list was created — they’re just glad he was caught before he could carry out the threat, they said.

“You send your kid [to school] thinking okay, my kid’s gonna survive the day. You never think you’re not gonna see your kid again,” said Alma Seaman, a parent.

Seaman and her son just learned a student at her son’s school was arrested for making a hit list with 33 names on it.

“I hope I didn’t know him,” Seaman said, “Cause that would be terrifying … Stay away from me, stay away from my friends, my family.”

Detectives allegedly found a detailed plan for a mass shooting at the student’s home.

“There were weapons at the home. He had limited access to them. They were legally registered,” said Sheriff Jon McMahon.

Officials wanted to also point out there was no terror threat made.

“There’s no connection to terror that we’ve been able to determine as a result of our investigation,” said McMahon. “The information we have at this point is that he was the lone suspect in this plot.”

The CEO of Encore says the unnamed student will not return to campus.

Samuel Arnette and his sister don’t want to go back to school either.

“I probably won’t go back tomorrow,” he said.


Comments (8)
  1. Kev says:

    They had guns in the home, yet he had “limited access”? That makes no sense. If there are guns in the home, he had full access to them. Maybe locked in a safe means a toddler can’t get to them, but any high schooler surely can figure out the family password for any safe. Limited access- that’s BS. If guns were in the home, he had total and complete access to weapons with which to carry out an attack.

    1. Paul says:

      Then just do it. Why post it online?? Or show it to anyone who would post it online??

    2. GROWAPAIR says:

      Well, apparently you can’t figure out that safes with combination and/or key locks have been long available, hopefully no one let’s you near guns … or keys.

  2. GROWAPAIR says:

    ‘“I probably won’t go back tomorrow,”’??? Obviously the wuss, its sister and others realise that the whiny overpaid incompetent cops offer no protection. I wonder if the wuss posts about its lack of a nutsack online.

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