NORTHRIDGE (  —  David Brill showed CBS2’s Rachel Kim security video of a man delivering a box of fabric softener to his door.  He and his wife were shocked at what they saw next.

The video shows them make a U-turn in front of the house and his friend gets out of the car and steals the package.

The Brills say right after the Amazon delivery man dropped off the box, he got back in the van and drove off. When he returned, another man got out, took the package and they drove off.

When this was all going down, the two security cameras the Brills installed were rolling. Kayla was at lunch watching the thieves live on her cell phone.

“I’m like omg, omg, that guy is taking my package back to the Amazon Van! He just delivered it and he’s taking it back. I was freaking out,” Kayla Brill said.

“You feel violated, you feel angry, you feel taken advantage of by the same company you’re purchasing from,” David Brill said.

But the surprises didn’t end there.  After the couple called Amazon, around 9:30 that night, the Brills say the delivery man and an Amazon employee came back to return their package and  apologize.

“He came clean and said that the other gentleman was paying him $50 a day to do a ride along and steal packages so we weren’t the only ones who were targeted,” Brill said.

CBS2 reached out to Amazon and the company sent us this statement:  “We have very high standards for our delivery partners and how they serve customers.  They driver was terminated by the delivery provider.”

No word yet on whether the other man in the van has been identified.  Meantime, the Brills want package thieves to realize there are cameras everywhere watching.

Comments (5)
  1. Kris says:

    This is what happens guys when we allow non-regulated carriers into our lives, do away with the USPS, UPS, and let Uber, Amazon, other corporations do our previously regulated services for us. And guess what? It’s not limited to services. First Responders are next, our police, fire, EMTs are going to report to FirstNet, a profit-making corporation within our lifetimes. Every state in the Union except Mississippi has signed up. Some states are already using it, but you’ve never heard of it. It is something out of science fiction, like OmniCorp from Robocop.

  2. roadsideexplorer says:

    will the amazon drone will steal also what they drop 🙁

  3. JON M says:

    One question… why didn’t the driver and his accomplice get arrested? OK the driver lost his job but this is theft.

  4. spike says:

    Amazon, like a lot of other companies including Uber and Lyft are trying to build a business by abusing their partners ( the drivers ). They pay them a figure that sounds like a reasonable wage until you realize that all expenses for depreciation, maintenance, insurance, gas, oil, licenses and fees come out of that figure. The contractor ends up with a paltry sum as low as 4 or 5 dollars per hour net. The customer ends up with an uninsured, unbounded, unveiled, contractor coming to their door and delivering a risky, poor product or service. These companies have not even begun to meet standards, state and federal laws that existing providers have to meet daily. This is nothing new, it is akin to the way the newspapers used to rip off kids that delivered their papers. and the newspapers still do the same thing to contractors they hire very much like amazon etc. These practices are tantamount to slave labor practices, fraud when hiring so called contractors and survive because the local govt. agencies aren’t sophisticated enough to know they are aiding and abetting crimianal practices. I personally don’t have a dog in this fight so to speak however, as a retired businessman I find any practice that makes money by ripping off their customers, employees or so called Contractors a disgrace and believe they should be charged with appropriate crimes. Amazon delivers packages the same way your local pizza parlor delivers pizzas. Many of these delivery drivers survive on tips and many are illegals who can’t find work that pays them fairly. We need to put a stop to these corrupt practices whether it’s the pizza parlor or Amazon.

  5. spike says:

    BTW, I personally stopped buying from Amazon when I learned of this “delivery service” and their policies. You can decide if you want to continue to support an organization that makes billions on the backs of poor people trying to earn a few dollars to live on.