LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — A man was shot and killed in his vehicle Thursday evening in South Los Angeles.

Police are looking for at least two suspects, but they say no one in the neighborhood is talking.

The victim was parked near a tire shop on South San Pedro Street and East 99th Street when he was shot just after 6 p.m. He died at the scene.

Officers say at least two men approached the vehicle and fired about ten shots.

Police do not have a description of the suspects, but they say the gunmen and the victim probably knew each other.

“The stigma of violence in South Los Angeles continues because we are not getting the support from the community to identify and remove the killers off the street,” said Captain Peter Whittingham of the LAPD. “This nonsense has to stop.”


  1. Steve Getz says:

    South LA is “maybe” one step down from Chicago in the Ghetto rating shooting category….but NEVER a comment from BLM on these headlines…..interesting!

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